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November 25th 2009


John Lydon is interviewed in several magazine and newspapers including The Telegraph and Clash Magazine. See PiLOfficial.Com for full press details...

PiLOfficial.Com also report PiL will be appearing on the BBC2, Culture Show next Thursday, December 3rd where they were filmed performing 'Rise' and 'Religion'; as well as being interviewed...

Also see PiLOfficial for a new picture of the band…



Virgin Records are re-issuing 'Metal Box' on CD on December 14th. The 'Plastic Box' compilation is also re-released the same day.

'Metal Box' will be re-mastered and - like the original 1979 vinyl LP – come as 3 separate discs. The 4CD 'Plastic Box' compilation was first released as a limited edition in 1999 and features 64 tracks in total; spanning from 1978-1992. See Discography for more info…



October 30th 2009


PiL have announced 2 new London dates at the London, Electric Ballroom in Camden, North London. Get get some PiL for Xmas!

London, Electric Ballroom, December 22nd 2009
London, Electric Ballroom, December 23rd 2009

Tickets on sale now. See for full info…

(Tickets for original Brixton Academy Show on December 22nd will be valid for The Electric Ballroom Show on December 22nd, or maybe exchanged for the Brixton Academy Show on December 21st)



September 29th 2009


Memoirs of a Geezer: Music, Life, MayhemJah Wobble's autobiography – Memoirs of a Geezer: Music, Life, Mayhem – is now available via Serpent's Tail Books, priced £12.99.

Read Fodderstompf review here…

Wobble will be having a spoken-word event to launch the book this Sunday, October 4th, at The Roundhouse in Camden. Tickets priced £6 are on sale now from The Roundhouse website.

The same day sees him sign copies of the book at Rough Trade East in Brick Lane.

An interview with Wobble from BBC Radio 2, Radcliffe and Maconie Show (Monday, September 28th) is available on the BBC iPlayer service for 7 days.

The book has received several high-profile reviews including The Independent and The Metro newspapers.

Press Release:

Memoirs of a Geezer: The Autobiography of Jah Wobble Music, Mayhem, Life.

"I'm Jah Wobble, a geezer. I come from Stepney in East London. I'm one of the chaps. I'm a totally different kettle of Fish and I haven't got time for all that nonsense."

Born John Wardle in Stepney, east London on 11 August 1958, Jah Wobble has always refused to play by the rules of the game. As a teenager he was expelled from school and later ended up at Kingsway College of Further Education where he met John Lydon and John Beverley (Sid Vicious). Together with Lydon's old school friend John Gray, they were the Four Johns and, as legend has it, he got his nickname one drunken night when Sid mumbled 'Jah Wobble' at him. It stuck.

When he was just 18, Lydon asked Wobble to join his first post-Sex Pistols band, Public Image Limited (PiL - they were almost called The Carnivorous Butterflies - Wobble's suggestion), who are still cited as one of the most influential bands of the era. With his love of Miles Davis and obsession with dub reggae (he collected imports from a local east end electrical shop), he devised the new bass guitar sound which defined PiL's oeuvre. In 1980, after two albums, Wobble left the band, sick of the 'dirty stinking music business' to go solo.

Throughout Memoirs, Wobble tells it like he sees it: his opinions of the establishment's great and good from Malcolm McLaren ('a deeply flawed individual') to Peter Gabriel ('as much a businessman as an artist') to Brian Eno ('the ultimate music business 'player'') to Iain Sinclair ('he wasn't even a Londoner') are refreshingly disrespectful.

In Memoirs, Wobble riffs on British class politics, his London and the music industry and smashes the myths surrounding birth of the punk scene, setting the record straight with an authentic insider's account of its beginnings. (NB: Wobble never hit Sid Vicious on the head with an axe, nor was his first bass-play on Sid's guitar.)


John Lydon was interviewed in Friday's (September 25th) Yorkshire Evening Post previewing December's PiL Leeds show. You can read the full interview via their website.


The official PiL website has now launched MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter Pages.

PiL Facebook



September 11th 2009


PiL have added an extra date at London, Brixton Academy on Tuesday, December 22nd.



General sale for the December PiL shows is now open. Buy tickets online at or Tel 0844 576 5483 (24hrs).



September 8th 2009


The official PiL website has announced the PRE-SALE for all 5 shows will open tomorrow, Wednesday September 9th, at 9am (UK).

Visit at 9am for pre-sale link.

Pre-sale will be open to PiLofficial.Com readers right up till General Sale starts on Friday.

PiL Site


September 7th 2009


PiL Live 2009Public Image Ltd Live 2009! Yes, you read that correctly! In the 10 years of Fodderstompf I never thought I'd ever get to put PiL tour dates on the site but today I can!

PiL will play 5 shows in the UK in December, starting at Birmingham Academy on Tuesday December, 15th. The shows are to mark the 30th Anniversary of 'Metal Box' but the official information – via the newly launched PiL website – promises tracks from throughout their career!

John Lydon will be joined by former PiL members Lu Edmonds (Guitar & Misc) and Bruce Smith (Drums), plus new recruit Scott Firth (Bass). Tickets go on sale this Friday 11th at 9am, however, PiLOfficial.Com will have a ticket pre-sale this week.

Public Image Limited Live 2009

Birmingham, 02 Academy, December 15th 2009
Leeds, 02 Academy, December 16th 2009
Glasgow, 02 Academy, December 18th 2009
Manchester, Academy, December 19th 2009
London Brixton, 02 Academy, December 21st 2009



The October issue of Uncut Magazine includes a 3 page 'Making of ' feature on the 1984 Time Zone - World Destruction single. John Lydon, Africa Bambaataa and Bill Laswell were specially interviewed. The extensive article reveals detailed information on the background of the single and its recording; plus further information on the recording of 'Album' with Bill Laswell...

In recent interviews at The Quietus and The National Bill Laswell also talks about the single.



Jah Wobble's autobiography – Memoirs of a Geezer: Music, Life, Mayhem – is now available via his 30 Hertz website. The book is officially published via Serpent's Tail on September 24th (see News May 3rd for more info).

Also see 30 Hertz and "The List" for updates…



Keith Levene features heavily in the new Slits biography: 'Typical Girls? The Story Of The Slits' by Zoë Street Howe; published by Omnibus Press in July.

The book also reveals Levene made a brief appearance on the track 'Instant Hit' which was written about him. Viv Albertine: "You hear him at the end talking. He doesn't know that. That little bit at the end had been recorded at Ari's house with a little tape recorder, he didn't know that..."

Thanks to Karsten Roekens



September 2nd 2009


JohnLydon.Com today announced there is to be an official PiL website! The site is "coming sometime" but you can check it out now and sign up to their mailing list for updates.

Finally, an official PiL website!



August 4th 2009


4 Men with Beards – the US label who re-issued 'Metal Box' on vinyl in 2006 – released another two PiL albums on vinyl in the States earlier this year. 'Flowers of Romance' (4M517) and 'Second Edition' (4M518) were issued on 180 gram vinyl on May 26th 2009.

Rhino Records in the US also re-issued 'Album' - again on 180 gram vinyl - on March 10th 2009 (RHI160438).

Thanks to Tim Bucknall

4 Men With Beards (4M517) 4 Men With Beards (4M518 Rhino (RHI160438)


Jah Wobble will be giving a spoken-word performance at The Green Man Festival, Brecon Beacons, Wales, on Sunday, August 23rd. See Green Man Festival website for more info…

Thanks to "The List", sign up for updates…


The New Yorker has a a retrospective blog feature on the infamous PiL appearance on American Bandstand, May 1980.


July 4th 2009


Keith Levene has began relaunching the website. Check out Area 51 to hear new tunes or Research to play Asteroids! The accompanying blog at also makes mention of new releases…

"Keith is concentrating on his own projects under the Murder Global banner which is made up of a team of like minded individuals. With new releases in the pipeline and other innovative concepts, Murder Global is a space well worth watching!" - MurderGlobal, 2009

Thanks to Chumley


Allan Dias DJ's every Tuesday night at The Beauty Bar, 231 East 14th Street, New York City. Allan is a resident DJ at The Skinny Jeans Club Night.
Thanks to Olé Koretsky


Martin Atkins' Pigface released the new studio album 'Pigface 6' via Full Effect Records in June. This is the first Pigface album not to be released through Invisible…

Atkins will also be holding a retrospective gallery show The Religion of Marketing at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore, July 10th and 11th.

For further Atkins / Invisible / Pigface listings and news etc see the Invisible Community.

Thanks to Jonathan Childers



June 1st 2009


Jah Wobble appeared with Gary Crowley on BBC 6Music last Friday night, May 29th. In the the hour long special Wobble picked a selection of tracks and talked about his career; including meeting John Lydon and recording 'Metal Box'.
He also received his Songlines Music Award live on air (see News May 3rd for more info…). The interview is currently available via the 6Music website and the BBC iPlayer service.


CAR AD MUSICCar Ad Music, Jah Wobble's 2004 download-only album is finally available on CD via the (newly revamped) 30 Hertz website.

30 Hertz Description:
This album was recorded in the year 2005. It was never Jah Wobble's intention to release it on CD. It was to be a download only album. Indeed up to now that’s exactly what it has been. However due to public, (and some private), demand here it is on CD. This album is mix of South American and African rhythms with jazz licks and ‘ambient North European swaths’ along with some Nigerian ‘Ju Ju music’ influenced Pedal Steel, (courtesy of the excellent BJ. Cole).

A review of Wobble and Jon Savage's spoken-word appearance at The Brighton Festival is available via Drowned in Sound.


May 3rd 2009


Memoirs of a Geezer: Music, Life, MayhemJah Wobble's autobiography – Memoirs of a Geezer: Music, Life, Mayhem – is scheduled for a September release via Serpent's Tail.

Amazon Description:
Mercury-shortlisted musician, punk rebel and genuine geezer, Wobble spills all in his autobiography.

Written in his own unmistakable voice, this is a frank and fascinating account of a geezer’s life in the music business. Jah Wobble begins by offering the most authentic insider’s account of the beginning of punk rock yet written, but there's much more to him than that.

His is an eventful life, as the celebrated ups – PiL’s The Metal Box, 90s hit Visions Of You with Sinead O’Connor – are balanced by major downs – chronic alcoholism and marital breakdown.

It begins with an East End childhood in a London barely recovered from the War and ends with Wobble finally turning his back on London that no longer feels like home. Through the book Wobble tell it like he sees it: his opinions of the great and good from Malcolm Mcclaren to Peter Gabriel to Brian Eno to Iain Sinclair are refreshingly disrespectful.

Oh and if you ever wondered how got his name, the answer is here: his teenage pal Sid Vicious gave it to him when he drunkenly slurred Wobble’s real name, John Wardle.

More info soon. Also see 30 Hertz and "The List" for updates…



Wobble will be taking part in a spoken-word event with Englands Dreaming author Jon Savage at The Brighton Festival on May 15th at Thistle Hotel, 4pm. See the Brighton Festival website for more info.

Wobble also appeared on BBC Radio 6, Cerys Matthews Show on April 1st. And Radio 4, Inheritance Tracks, March 28th. Both interviews can be found via archive links on "The List".


Best Cross-Cultural CollaborationSonglines world-music magazine have awarded Jah Wobble & The Chinese Dub Orchestra their "Best Cross-Cultural Collaboration".

See Songlines interview with the worthy winner for more info... "I’ve won? I’ve never won anything in my life!"


John Lydon appeared on 'Queens of British Pop' (BBC1, April 1st) talking about Kate Bush. The interview is available via YouTube.

Martin Atkins will be bringing his TourSmart talk to the UK in May-June. Dates are still being confirmed. See for more info... Pigface will also release a new album.


Chester Simpson Photography © http://newfineartprints.comPhotographer Chester Simpson has a wide selection of PiL pictures available to view and purchase via his website. His work includes rare interview and live images from the 1980 US Tour, plus 1982/86.

Chester Simpson Photography
Thanks to Microbunny



Michael Leach Photography © Michael Leach has also updated his Best Rock Photography website with further PiL pictures from Seattle, Box Theatre 1982 and Paramount Theatre 1984.

Best Rock Photography


Totally Wired – Simon Reynolds companion book to Rip It Up and Start Again – features an interview with Jah Wobble and two of Simon's recent PiL review articles. Totally Wired: Postpunk Interviews and Overviews was published in February by Faber and Faber.

Rock Town Hall website were supposed to interview Keith Levene a few months ago. You can read all about the "official non-interview" on their blog. In a recent interview with Quietus.Com Mark Stewart again claimed to be working with Levene.
Thanks to The Back Office

PiL and Sex Pistols were the "Show Stoppers" on yesterday's (Saturday May 2nd) Liz Kershaw Show on BBC 6 Music. Fans were invited to email song requests and gig reviews etc. Safe to say Liz isn't a "P.I.L" fan as she can't pronounce John McGeoch's name and mixes up 'Annalisa' with female pop star Anastacia...
Thanks to Chumley

Picture Credits (top to bottom)
Memoirs of a Geezer: Music, Life, Mayhem © Jah Wobble 2009
Chester Simpson Photography ©
Michael Leach Photography ©

Metal Box re-issue LP review

Public Image Ltd.
The Metal Box. 2006

Vinyl re-issue out now:
See review for full info…



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