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August 2007
- November 2007

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Metal Box re-issue LP review

Public Image Ltd.
The Metal Box. 2006

Vinyl re-issue out now:
See review for full info…



November 30th 2007


PiL T-shirtJohnLydon.Com have posted a selection of pro-shot pictures from the recent Sex Pistols gigs, including some of John Lydon wearing a rather fetching yellow PiL T-shirt (circa '9' tour).

At the first Pistols Brixton performance on Thursday 8th, the band encored with a reworked version of 'Belsen Was a Gas' entitled 'Baghdad Was a Blast', which featured a '4 Enclosed Walls' style 'Allah' chorus. Mr Lydon has been mixing up 'Best of British' style! The Pistols were absolutely stunning at recent shows; and a DVD from Brixton is currently in the works.

The December issue of of Uncut Magazine includes a 'readers questions' interview with John Lydon. PiL feature quite heavily throughout the interview with questions about Keith Levene, John McGeoch and the possibility of PiL gigs: "There's only 2 people I really respect out of the PiL era - one is Jah Wobble, the other is Lu Edmonds. Those two are diamonds. The others, well…"

Former PiL drummer David Humphrey has a new band Tantric Zoo. Check them out on MySpace at The band have a London show lined up for December 8th, see the MySpace site for more info.


October 31st 2007


The November/December issue of Frieze Magazine features an article on PiL by Rip It Up And Start Again author Simon Reynolds. The article is half a retrospective feature on 'Metal Box', and half a review of the recent PiL book.

It's unusually snotty in places for Reynolds work (perhaps John Lydon's recent comments about him in Uncut Magazine have something to do with that), but still worth a read. The article is also online at the Frieze Magazine website blog.


JohnLydon.Com recently passed more comment on the previously mentioned FiL (Fulham Investments Limited) / PiL logo imitation. The fact that it's mentioned in the JL.Com "Bollocks Section" tells its own story… "Fake Image Limited"

Pete Jones has collaborated with French guitarist Fred Suard on the track 'Grand Finale'. The track is now available via Pete's soundclick page.


Former PiL bassist, circa 84/85, Bret Helm has a new interview at As well as discussing his current band Smug, the interview covers his time in PiL.



October 2nd 2007


There are several high profile John Lydon press interviews around at the moment including SPIN magazine, Q magazine & NME. See JohnLydon.Com for more info, plus additional TV, radio interviews etc etc…


Check out The Filth and the Fury website for a round up of recent Sex Pistols activities including:
• Holidays in the Sun 2007 live dates
• Never Mind The Bollocks 30th Anniversary vinyl replicas
• Guitar Heroes III re-recordings of 'Anarchy in the UK & 'Pretty Vacant'

F&F News will be periodacly updated over the coming days and weeks, so keep an eye out for additions.



The long awaited NIC (Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation) album featuring Keith Levene is now set to be released December 10th; via Malicious Damage Records.

The album – which also features contributions from trumpeter Nils Petter-Molvaer – was recorded in Spring 2006 at Ted Parsons studio in Norway (see News June 11th 2006 for full info). NIC have posted some preview tracks on their MySpace page; along with some pictures and additional info…
Thanks to Malicious Damage



Trainspotter Alert! PiL the missing link… 

Mystery has always surrounded just who played drums for PiL at Manchester, Kings Hall, Belle Vue, February 23rd 1979. No one we asked could ever remember (or still cared!) Well, it turns out it was Eddie Edwards of The Vibrators (you can sleep at last!).

Fodderstompf had originally stated David Humphrey most likely played, however, after interviewing him back in 2004 it left us stumped. Reports elsewhere claiming that either Jim Walker or Richard Dudanski played were always incorrect. Thankfully, Fodderstompf reader Mark Woodley came to our rescue while researching music press archives. Mark came across a Vibrators interview that mentioned Eddie had went onto play drums with PiL after The Vibrators originally split.

Eddie still plays with The Vibrators from time to time so we got in touch with Knox who passed some messages back and forth; and yes, it was Eddie! We also managed to jog Wobble's memory who (just about) confirmed it was him; and that it came about via Vibrators bassist Pat Collier; who ran rehearsal rooms PiL were using at the time. It's taken nearly 30 years but Eddie will finally get his place in PiL history! (not that we would imagine he would be too bothered!).

Not bad, that's Eddie Edwards and Mikki Toldi uncovered in the past few weeks. That just leaves the Vivian Jackson PiL drummer mystery to solve!
Thanks to Mark Woodley



September 26th 2007


The Filth and the Fury & JohnLydon.Com have arranged a special pre-sale for the Sex Pistols London, Brixton Academy, November 12th & Manchester, M.E.N Arena, November 17th. The Pistols will play Brixton, 8th, 9th, 10th & 12th.

See The Filth and the Fury & JohnLydon.Com website's for full info and links.



September 12th 2007


Apologies. Jah Wobble's Bestival appearance was last weekend, September 7th, not this weekend.



Tour:Smart, Martin AtkinsMartin Atkins' Tour:Smart book recently got a 4 star review in MOJO magazine. Kris Needs (surely impartial!), described it as "The ultimate touring manual" and added "This incredibly detailed work by former PiL drummer Martin Atkins tackles every conceivable aspect of getting the show on the road in a highly readable style."

The book is now available at book shops and online retailers; as well as via the Underground Inc website.

Read Fodderstompf review here…



Jeannette Lee © courtesy South West Sound 2007Jeannette Lee appeared with Don Letts earlier in the year at the South West Sound 2007 music convention in Bristol, April 26th. Jeannette and Don delivered the 'Music Industry Uncovered ' Keynote Speech; which essentially saw Don interview Jeannette about her involvement in the music industry, from PiL right through to the present day with Rough Trade. This is one of the very few times Jeannette has publicly talked about PiL.

More info on the event can be found via the South West Sound 2007 website. A full transcript of the interview is also available as a PDF download.
Thanks to Karsten



Toxic Shock Records have just released 'Dead Stars Rising', a compilation CD featuring the Media Whore/Pete Jones collaboration track 'Dead Man's Disco'. Pete played guitars, backing vox and co-produced the track.

Stuart Argabright's Dystopians played a special live event in New York last week. See Time Out for more info. Pete recorded guitars for the project last year; and the plan was to use samples of him at the show. As Pete joked, "You could say its my first live appearance for some years!"
Thanks to Pete Jones



September 4th 2007


'Bodog Battle of the Bands' Final airs tomorrow Wednesday, September 5th, 7pm PT / 10pm ET, on Fuse TV. The show will be broadcast live from the Los Angeles, House of Blues.

If you don't get Fuse TV – or you live outside the USA – you can watch the series online free via the new Bodog website. See JL.Com for full details…



JohnLydon.Com also has a selection of links to new press interviews and TV/radio appearances; including Wired.Com, which includes this nugget:
"I have one major problem with the internet: It's full of liars. There doesn't seem to be any way to answer to people lying about you. Some are good-natured -- mostly it isn't. Mostly it's vicious rumor, gossip and innuendo. I think that's a downscaling of humanity, and we're suffering because of it. It's a terrible thing to see your whole life altered before your very eyes on this stupid, ridiculous, electronic screen…"



On the subject of 'gossip and innuendo', apparently Keith Levene is dating "glamour model, Alicia Douvall, 27" and has been featured in various gossip columns! Including this recent altercation with ex-soap actor Dean Gaffney in The Sunday People.

Going by these pictures on the IsoImagesUk website he doesn't seem too pleased about the drawbacks of celebrity lifestyle! It would appear Keith is re-inventing his public image… We won't mention mid-life crisis if you don't!
Thanks to Karsten



Fodderstompf reader Stu Stewart recently stumbled upon information regarding a 2nd PiL guitarist; who rehearsed with the original line-up in spring 1978.

Apparently, Mikki Toldi – formerly of The Bazoomies – was an old friend of Keith Levene's and was invited to play with the band at rehearsals in London Bridge. However, after a few rehearsals it was decided that only one guitarist was needed, and he left amicably. Mick tell his story on The Bazoomies page of the Detour Records website.

Ace Fodderstompf reporter Tim Bucknall also found details of Alderman Huggins – from short lived punk band Arctic Frost –  who apparently unsuccessfully auditioned for PiL around the same time. See Punk77 for more info…
Thanks to Stu & Tim



Jah Wobble will be appearing at this weekend's Bestival Festival on Isle of Wight. He will be performing live on The Big Top stage, Friday 7th, at approx 6.30pm.
Keep an eye on "The List" for more info…


Keith Emerson – of Emerson Lake And Palmer – was recently interviewed by Blogger News Network and stated he'd like to work with John Lydon! ELPiL?


August 18th 2007


Metal Box: Stories from John Lydon's Public Image LimitedPhil Strongman's much delayed, and much re-written PiL book is finally available. The preposterously titled (and packaged) 'Metal Box: Stories from John Lydon's Public Image Limited' is published by Helter Skelter, and priced £14.00

Despite the title, John Lydon wasn't interviewed for the book, but the likes of Jah Wobble, Keith Levene, Martin Atkins, Jim Walker appear. It also includes a small selection of photographs from Dennis Morris.

Never judge a book by it's cover? Lets hope not. Read full review here


Punk memorabilia website ViciousRiff.Com features a handwritten letter from John Lydon to a fan that's asking him advice on Reggae. The letter most likely dates from 1978/79 and is written on water-marked PiL paper.

Lydon draws an extensive 2 page list of Reggae artists he recommends – such as Johnny Clarke, Augustus Pablo, Prince Jammy, Dennis Brown, Pablo Gad, Keith Hudson, Hugh Mundell, etc etc – and tells the fan to "ask for anything out at present" from them. Plenty of "Goods"  but surprisingly no mention of Big Youth, Dr Alimantado or Tapper Zukie.

This insightful list of Gunter Grove favourites, featuring many obscurities, is guaranteed to whet the whistle of the PiL reggae-heads out there. But as Lydon says in his letter "it ain't the names that matter you got to be able to hear them first, or it's a jerkpork…"

For a more in-depth look at the letter see our new article:
"It ain't the names that matter, you got to be able to hear them first…"
With special thanks to


Fodderstompf readers may also be interested in this thread on the excellent Blood and Fire message board regarding John's letter.



Pete Jones has been a very busy boy and sends us the following updates:

Pete Jones News
Pete’s remix of ' Bush No Freedom' by French based outfit Aint No Dub, is set for release on their ESP label this summer. The release also features a remix by Gino Neimiz. Pete has been invited to play with the band live in France (will he? wont he?).

Pete has remixed 'Simple Complications' by L.A. based noisemakers Phase Theory. The remix will be compiled with others for a combined release later in the year and the song can be previewed at the Phase Theory Myspace page.

Pete has an interview for the September issue of Unsigned magazine and has kindly offered his track 'Viva America' for use on the mags’ cover disc. Unsigned magazine is dedicated to Indie music and helps promote unsigned bands from the UK and welcomes any support.

Along with Nadine and Charlie main man, Clem Chambers, Pete is currently writing songs for a 12-track album due for release under the ' Pete and Charlie' moniker. Info and preview of the tracks written so far can found at the Pete and Charlie website.

Pete is currently offering 19 songs from his catalogue for free download from his Soundclick site including tracks from 'Twisted' and 'Neurotechnic' as welll as previously unreleased material. Also available are two remixes of his track 'Murder' by Earth Loop Recall and Wes Gillespie.

And finally… despite the vast opportunities to tap into the fastest growing consumer market ever to appear on the face of the Earth, Pete would like it known that he absolutely refuses to jump on the Chinese bandwagon, and currently has no connection with any Chinese artists whatsoever.
Pete Jones


Seattle photographer Mike Leach has begun posting a selection of his rock photographs via his website 2 PiL shows – Seattle, Showbox 12.11.82 & Seattle, Paramount 17.10.84 – are currently online; and some Brian Brain shots will follow soon.
Thanks to Pete Jones

Martin Atkins will be taking his 'Business of Touring' seminar to Europe for the first time and will be appearing at the Hole in the Sky festival in Bergen, Norway on August 25th.

Picture Credits (top to bottom)
Jeannette Lee © courtesy South West Sound 2007
Metal Box: Stories from John Lydon's Public Image Limited © courtesy Helter Skelter
Keith Levene live at London, Bouga Cocktail Lounge, July 25th 2007 © JAB Promotions / Wire Image 2007

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