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April 2007 - August 2007

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Metal Box re-issue LP review

Public Image Ltd.
The Metal Box. 2006

Vinyl re-issue out now:
See review for full info…



August 4th 2007


Tom Snyder, NBC, Tomorrow Show, June 27th 1980 © NBCTom Snyder, aged 71, died last Sunday, July 29th, from complications associated with leukaemia. Tom is probably best known to PiL fans through his infamous interview with John Lydon & Keith Levene on 'The Tomorrow Show', June 27th 1980.

Numerous tributes and press reports have appeared including an article on music-news gathering source Contact Music; which features unaccredited quotes apparently from Keith Levene regarding Tom's passing:

"I am very sad to hear the news that Tom Snyder has passed away. He was a brilliant asset to television, a great example and role model. "I had a memorable interview with Tom and memories of it are flooding back fast following this tragic news. Although it was a different style of interview, Tom still managed to keep his cool and his professionalism intact. Tom is a TV talk show saint who will live in our memories forever - bless you Tom." Keith Levene, Contact Music, July 31st 2007

A transcription of the legendary 'Tomorrow Show' interview can be found in the Fodderstompf archives. John Lydon's 1997 interview with Tom for the 'Late Late Show' can also be found on JohnLydon.Com.



Keith Levene live at London, Bouga Cocktail Lounge, July 25th 2007 © JAB Promotions / Wire Image 2007Keith Levene played his first live show in over 20 years on July 25th at the Bouga Cocktail Lounge in London. Keith appeared at 'Moroccan Mirage'; a charity event in aid of The Peter Tatchell Human Rights Fund.

It is not known what material Keith performed, however, this preview article from GumTree.Com makes promise of 'Metal Box' era PiL tracks; as well as 'Killer in the Crowd' from MurderGlobal.

Some additional info on the event can be found at Contact Music. WireImage also have several pictures of Keith; who recently celebrated his 50th birthday.
Thanks to Karsten


Jah Wobble reviews The Cult of the Amateur: How Today's Internet Is Killing Our Culture by Andrew Keen in last weekend's Independent on Sunday.
Thanks to "The List"


July 21st 2007

'Bodog Battle of the Bands' is currently showing Wednesdays on Fuse TV 10pm EST / 7pm PST. If you don't get Fuse TV – or you live outside the USA – you can watch the full show online free via the Bodog website. See JL.Com for full details…


Martin Atkins Tour:Smart is now available via the Underground Inc website. The book will be in shops early September. (Full review coming soon.) 'More Q than A' the latest installment of Martin's Tour:Smart column for is now online…

Martin has a gallery show at Fuse in NYC from August 15th-22nd; and will be doing various DJ nights, book signings, lectures and seminars in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the website for more info. The sixth Pigface studio album is in its final mix and should be released before the end of the year.
Thanks to Underground Inc



The NIC MySpace page has the following update on the forthcoming 'NIC in Dub' album featuring Keith Levene; now set for a September/October release. See NIC MySpace for more information; as well as photos and preview tracks.

NIC IN DUB WILL BE RELEASED LATE SEPT.-OCT.THROUGH ARZA RECORDS IN THE US+ DIGITAL,ALONG WITH HAMMERBASS IN EUROPE! WICKED PISSA! About the NIC in DUB project: The dub project originated from the Scotty Hard/Keith Levene recording sessions. The NIC in DUB was an experiment not as a remix album but a "mix album"; the invited musicians created their own track out of 3 jams sent to them. Every mix sounds different than the next and all compliment each other. It's a great listen! We want a World DUB Shake Down!!! Thanks so much for your time, your mixes and your blessings. Love, Light, and DUB!!!.............Next dub project coming soon! Ted and N.I.C



Further information on Wobble's Liverpool City of Culture 2008 collboration with the Liverpool Chinese Youth Orchestra is available via the website:

Jah Wobble, a former member of John Lydon’s post-Sex Pistols group, Public Image Ltd, will collaborate with Liverpool’s Chinese Youth Orchestra on a work called Chinese Dub.

Zi Lan, the youth orchestra's arts officer, said: ''This is the best news we could have possibly had. The orchestra is so excited at the prospect of working with Jah Wobble, he's such a talented musician and to create a pop single with him and a two-hour long piece is the opportunity of a lifetime.”



July 5th 2007

A new interview with John Lydon has been posted on JohnLydon.Com. The interview reveals the truth behind the recent – or not so recent as the case may be – Rolling Stone interview; and previews the 'Bodog: Battle of the Bands' series which is due to start on Fuse TV in the States this Sunday, July 8th at 10pm EST / 7pm PST. See JL.Com for full info…
An interview with Lydon is featured in the August issue of Uncut magazine. John dismisses Simon Reynolds argument that PiL were a more important band than the Pistols: "Whoever Simon Reynolds is, he's wrong. He has no knowledge of what happened back then and he dares compare one aspect of my life to another… The Pistols were as important to me as when I fell out of the pram and learned to walk."

Last month's issue of Mojo magazine featured a Jah Wobble penned article on the 1967 album 'Call of the Valley' by Indian classical musician Pandit Shivkumar Sharma.
Thanks to "The List"

'Realeyesation' – the Carpetface track featuring Keith Levene – received another release back in February. The double A-side 7" single 'Spread it Around / Realeyesation' was released on Carpetface's New Bias label (NBI006) on Valentines Day. You can listen to both tracks on Carpetface's MySpace.

June 18th 2007


The pen is mightier than the chopper…

Jah Wobble reviews the latest effort on Sid Vicious in The Independent on Sunday.



June 13th 2007


When asked by a fan on Ian Wright's Talksport radio show last Thursday, June 8th, John Lydon stated "anything was possible…" regarding the return of PiL in some shape or form. However, he did repeat that if he does go out with PiL it would most likely be with a new line-up and new material…

You can listen to the whole Talksport interview by checking out JohnLydon.Com

JohnLydon.Com also pours scorn on reports in last Friday's Daily Mirror that Lydon is about to release a "reggae" album! See JL.Com for full info…


The second – and final – part of 'Jah Wobble's Mystical Musical Tour' is currently available via the BBC World Service website. Select 'Heart & Soul' from the A-Z programme list on the site's home page.


The long-awaited NIC (Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation) album featuring Keith Levene is now set for a September release; via Malicious Damage Records. See the NIC MySpace page for previews and updates…


Pete Jones has a new interview for Ben McLees of Earth Loop Recall has remixed Petes' track 'Murder' and is now available at Pete's website and MySpace pages.

The eighth installment of Martin Atkins 'Tour:Smart' column for is now online…


June 8th 2007


'Jah Wobble's Mystical Musical Tour' continues tomorrow Saturday, June 9th at 10.30pm on the BBC World Service.

If – like everyone else – you missed the first part of the series you can now listen to it via the BBC World Service website. Select 'Heart & Soul' from the A-Z programme list on the site's home page.

BBC World Service Publicity
Heart & Soul – Jah Wobble Ep 2/2
Saturday 9 June

Jah Wobble (real name John Wardle) concludes his investigation into the mystical use of sound by exploring how the human voice is used as a direct means of communicating with the divine.

He finds out how Nigerian Yoruba traditions survived the transatlantic slave trade to find new expressions in Cuba, while a Cuban singer-priestess explains the central role of singing in calling down the gods. Jah Wobble also returns to his own roots in the west of Ireland to investigate the proud tradition of singing the Mass in Irish.

Jah Wobble found fame in the Eighties as Johnny Rotten's bass player in Public Image Ltd. He survived punk to become a respected musicologist with a fascination for the relationship between music and spirituality.

Presenter/Jah Wobble, Producer/Kirsten Dwight

Thanks to "The List"



June 4th 2007


The first part of 'Jah Wobble's Mystical Musical Tour' actually went out last Saturday, June 2nd. The second part will air this Saturday, June 9th.

Sorry about that, but as Patrick MacArdle says on The List "as it  happens the World Service decided to broadcast the first episode of Jah Wobble's Mystical Musical Tour on Saturday last without telling anyone…"

Update: If – like everyone else – you missed the first part of the series you can now listen to it via the BBC World Service website. Select 'Heart & Soul' from the A-Z programme list on the site's home page.

BBC World Service Publicity
Heart & Soul – Jah Wobble Ep 1/2
Saturday 2 June

Jah Wobble (real name John Wardle) found fame in the Eighties as Johnny Rotten's bass player in Public Image Ltd. He survived punk to become a respected musicologist with a fascination for the relationship between music and spirituality.

He talks to religious worshippers, musicologists, psychologists and theologians about the mystical use of sound, playing his beloved bass alongside musicians from mainstream and ancient religions.

Investigating the power of percussion and melody, Jah Wobble embarks on a series of conversations with musicians from a diversity of spiritual traditions. He begins his journey close to home with a London conga drummer, then meets a Nepalese shaman, a mbira player from the Shona people of Zimbabwe, and a master drummer who shows him the Talking Drum of Nigeria. He finds out how rhythms and melodies are used in healing, to create heightened states of consciousness and to invoke the ancestors.

Presenter/Jah Wobble, Producer/Kirsten Dwight

Thanks to "The List"



June 3rd 2007


Wobble's two part radio series for BBC World Service begins Saturday, June 9th. 'Jah Wobble's Mystical Musical Tour' will "explore the ways in which drumming and droning, chanting and singing connect people to the sacred…"

Jah Wobble's XFM radio session will also be broadcast this week. Wobble is 'Artist in residence' on John Kennedy's XFM 'Exposure' show, Monday-Thursday, June 4-7th, from 10pm-1am. Listeners outside of London should be able to listen online via the XFM website.
Thanks to "The List"



The current issue of Rolling Stone magazine in the USA includes a John Lydon interview as part of a feature on the 30th anniversary of 'Never Mind The Bollocks'. Last years re-issue of 'Metal Box' also gets a brief mention.

In the article Lydon comments Virgin gave up on PiL due to the PiL imitators they signed instead. He also says at present no record company seems interested in his new solo work
Thanks to Steve Miller



May 29th 2007


John Lydon is interviewed in the third episode of BBC's '7 Ages Of Rock' next Saturday, June 2nd at 9pm (UK). The official website for the series makes a mention of PiL, however, it is unclear whether they are included in the show…

Update: 'Poptones' from the OGWT 1980 was used at the end of the show. Speaking about the move onto PiL from the Pistols Lydon commented: "I love the idea of just going into things without any rules at all. Go into much madder sounds; infinite variety of textures. Tones. Drones. Caterwauls… Experiment."



Jah Wobble and the English Roots Band headlined the Kumu Festival in Estonia last Friday, May 25th, and are now preparing for the Wickerman Festival in July. An appearance at Bestival on the Isle of White is also lined up for September; with the possibility of some 'Heart & Soul' club dates before the end of the year. Keep an eye on 30 Hertz or "The List" for updates …

Wobble is about to do some new recording with Sinead O'Connor; and has been working on a two part radio series for the BBC World Service exploring the mystical uses of musical sounds in the furthest and remotest reaches of the world.



A new interview with Keith Levene appears in Julien Temple's documentary film about Joe Strummer 'The Future is Unwritten'. Keith only appears in a few short snippets, but at least he hasn't been wiped from existence; like the previous Don Letts Clash film…

Richard Dudanski also appears in the film.
Thanks to Karsten


Pete Jones has launched his own Soundclick site, which features the new track 'The Baird 2'.


May 9th 2007


FlowersThis article on the PopMatters website takes a look at the 'Flowers of Romance' album.

Public Image Ltd., The Flowers of Romance (Warner Bros., 1981)
You don’t need distorted guitars to make noisy music. Heck, you don’t even need guitars, sometimes! For the most part, this third effort by John Lydon/Rotten’s experimental post-Sex Pistols outfit eschews guitars and embraces minimalism, using drums and off-kilter synthesizer noises. So how can it be noisy? Because Lydon does away with his usual pop song structures and/or danceable rhythms and instead comes up with nine discordant numbers all centered around his jarring voice. Additionally, bassist Jah Wobble had recently quit, so the band simply didn’t use a bass here, making the sound even more off-balance. The Trouser Press Record Guide’s fourth edition notes that a record executive once called this LP “one of the most uncommercial records ever made at least in a pop context.” 25 years on, that assertion still rings true.

Read the full article by Tony Sclafani at PopMatters



The Guardian recently published a feature about "Gigs with a Twist" mentioning the infamous 1981 Ritz show.

Perform behind a screen
Tiring of the audio-visual expectations of Sex Pistols fans, John Lydon's post-Pistols band Public Image Limited played a 1981 gig at the New York Ritz from behind a projection screen. Well, "gig" is stretching it. In fact, some PIL records were played through the PA, while Lydon taunted the audience, who had expected to at least see the musicians. In the resulting riot, the stage was pelted with bottles and stage equipment was toppled. Lydon was lucky to get out alive. That didn't stop Pulp trying a similar event in Edinburgh in 1999, when a less riotous audience expecting Common People were bemused by a set of experimental material, performed behind Venetian blinds.


The newly launched website features 2 PiL promo videos 'Rise' & 'Bad Life'. However, you will need to be based in North America to view them…


Tour SmartMartin Atkins Tour:Smart is now available to pre-order via the Underground Inc site. The 592 page book centres on "the business of touring" and looks at "everything from booking and transportation, to contracts, radio, and sex on the road!"

A new website dedicated to book has just been launched at Martin is continuing his online Tour:Smart column for Suicide Girls. See the SuicideGirls website for more info.

Martin also has a retrospective gallery show, entitled 'The Religion of Marketing' opening this Friday, May 11th in Chicago. The show will feature a selection of memorabilia from his time in PiL, Killing Joke, Ministry, Pigface, Brian Brain etc; and includes "never-seen-photos from his time in PiL"  from LA, Japan, Australia, and the recording studio. The show will run through the month of May in Chicago and will also be touring… See The Religion of Marketing website for more info.
Thanks to Pat Van Hulle


Two recently released Killing Joke archive CD's feature Martin Atkins. The 3 CD box set 'Bootleg Vinyl Archive Vol.1' (Candlelight 180) includes a mixing desk recording with Atkins from London 21.12.88. 'Inside Extremities Mixes Rehearsals and Live' (Candlelight 177) is a double CD of material taken from the preparation for the 'Extremities' album and features Atkins on every track.
Thanks to Tim Bucknall (welcome back!)

Look out for a new Jah Wobble radio session on John Kennedy's XFM 'Exposure' show. The session was recorded at the end of April and should be broadcast soon. Listeners outside of London should be able to listen online via the XFM website.
Thanks to "The List"


April 15th 2007


JKL in the studio with NIC, April 2006. © & Thanks to Ted Parsons.The long-awaited NIC (Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation) album featuring Keith Levene is set for a July release; via Malicious Damage Records.

The album – which also features contributions from trumpeter Nils Petter-Molvaer – was recorded in Spring 2006 at Ted Parsons studio in Norway (see News June 11th 2006 for full info).

NIC have posted some preview tracks on their MySpace page. If the track 'Driftin' is anything to go by it should be a very interesting album…
Thanks to Malicious Damage


Picture Credits (top to bottom)
Tom Snyder, NBC, Tomorrow Show, June 27th 1980 © NBC
Flowers of Romance LP 1981
Martin Atkins Tour:Smart book
Keith Levene in the studio with NIC, April 2006 © & Thanks to Ted Parsons

John Lydon: The Best of British £1 Notes


John Lydon CD & DVD compilations featuring Sex Pistols, PiL, solo,
plus an exclusive new track.

Click sleeves for JohnLydon.Com 'Best of British £1 Notes' mini-site,
featuring tracklistings, release info, a new interview with John, plus much more…


CDDVDJohn Lydon’s Megabugs


John Lydon’s Megabugs DVD

See JohnLydon.Com for full info…




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