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18th September 2003


Keith Levene and Bobby Kennedy, aka BK13, will be playing live at Umpire this Saturday 20th September in Stoke Newington, London, Belfast Rd, N16, 11pm. Bobby plays with Plakka, and Keith is currently producing their (vinyl-only) debut album, while continuing work on his new Murder Global album 'The Perfect Crime'.



1st September 2003

In my infinite wisdom I've decided to hold part two of the John Lydon interview till after the Sex Pistols tour. The whole thing was typed up and ready at the same time as the first instalment but I now think I will keep it back till after the tour. I don't want to spoil you do I... !


Remix CDThe Pigface remix CD 'Headf...' is now available from Invisible Records. The album features a new mix of 'Closer to Heaven' featuring Keith Levene.

Pigface - Headf... (UIN 1067) The remix companion to 2003's Easy Listening...
Tracks: 1. Insect/Suspect (Motel Kafka Mix) - Pitchshifter remix by J.S. Clayden 2. Bitch (Defrag's Extraordinary Skipping Glitch Mix) - Defragmentation 3. Closer To Heaven (South Of My Ass) - Alexander Hacke 4. King Of Negativity (Methamphetamine - Mix) - Godhead 5. Blow You Away ( Remix) - 6. Mind Your Own Business (Tweaker Remix) - Chris Vrenna 7. Bitch (Passive/Aggressive Remix) - Colony 5 8. Blow You Away (Joolz Remix) - Julian Beeston 9. Closer To Heaven (Buzz McCoy Remix) - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult 10. Closer To Heaven (If Being With You Is Heaven, Take Me To Hell) - Nocturne 11. Insect/Suspect (Insects Remix) - Hate Dept. 12. Closer To Heaven (Closer RMX) - Chris Haskett 13. Sweetmeat (Sweet Beat Fix) - Slick Idiot 14. Blow You Away (Oh Dear God Just Reboot Mix) - Bile meets the Inbred Brothers


Invisible Records have also just re-released the Damage Manual album and EP together as a 2 CD anthology set, with new artwork. The set includes a limited edition poster and enhanced CD content with a music video, behind the scenes footage, photos & lyrics.

The Damage Manual - Double Damage (UIN 1066) The complete studio recordings...
Tracks: DISC 1 1. Sunset Gun 2. Damage Addict 3. Scissor Quickstep 4. Blame and Demand 5. Leave the Ground 6. Bagman Damage 7. M60 Dub
DISC 2 1. King Mob 2. Age of Urges 3. Top Ten Severed 4. The Peepshow Ghosts 5. Sunset Gun (303 Edit) 6. Stateless (Delusional Mix) 7. Expand 8. Denial 9. Broadcasting 10. Sunset Gun (Fully Monty Sunny Orb Up Mix) 11. Blame and Demand (Wobble/Laswell Hybrid Edit) 12. Damage Addict (Laswell Mix) 13. Stateless (Laswell Mix)

Martin Atkins is continuing his spoken word tour throughout the States... As well as making many appearnces on our own 'message bored'. Cheers Martin!



A Jah Wobble video interview can be found at
Thanks to Greg Whitfield



FM KNivesPunk band FM Knives from Sacramento, USA will release a 7" single named after Keith Levene in September. Apart from the title the song has very little to do with Keith Levene, and the only mention of him in the lyrics refers to a poster...

Keith Levene
She made herself bleed and sing lead
To no one inside
She turned herself blue but pulled through
In time for her ride
She hung the letter to the right of Keith Levene
She tried to make it but she only made the scene
Wears me out
How they sum her up
Tears me up
How she's figured out
Collaging the blues with Revlon
She gave up her turn
'Hears to 25 '10's and Popov
and hope in don't work
She ripped the letter up and tore down Chrissie Hynde
She was a moment in this miserable life
Breaking down in my darkest suit
Calling up asking what to do
Just make do w/o you,
Look refused

'Keith Levene' / 'Valentine' is released in September on Dirtnap Records.
Thanks to Karsten Roekens



Documented PiL fans The Red Hot Chilli Peppers apparently used to cover 'Religion' & 'Poptones' back in the nineties. More info can be found on the RHCP fan site The Side. If anyone has any live recordings of these tracks we'd be very interested in hearing them...
Thanks to Tim Bucknall



15th August 2003


Thanks to info supplied by Tim Bucknall it turns out the mash-up bootleg of 'Public Image' & Macy Gray 'Demons' was done by Soundhog for a mix session on BBC Radio Wales last year. After we got in touch with them Mr Hog has agreed to put the track back up on his site! The track can be downloaded directly from the Soundhog site. There's plenty of other goodies there, so have a good dig around! Tell him we sent you!

Mr Hog had this to say about the mix:
" The vocal's a bit of an unwieldy beast - until the guitars start you can't really tell if there's actually a tune in the vocal or not, but by 1:30ish it all starts to fall into place... I think I'm the only person to have attempted anything with it. When the thing went out on the radio a few people said it was the track they didn't like, but I'm rather fond of it, and being the first track in the mix I think it set my stall out rather well. :) Looping the music wasn't easy, either... It's a good 10 months old as well... So John knows about it? Tidy! It's nice to know that people do get to hear these things after all, 'cos I never get any feedback from them... and it's quite weird 'cos I bought the single when I was 7 years old... :)


On the subject of mash up, as you may have saw on F&F News, fans of the recent Madonna v Sex Pistols 'Ray of Gob' will be pleased to hear that John Lydon has already formally approached Madonna's management to try get the track an official release.

Richard Dudanski is organising another Joe Strummer Tribute, this time in Spain. Full info from Strummersite.Com
Thanks to Tim Bucknall


7th August 2003


Part One of the John Lydon interview FINALLY added!

Apologies for the delay, as I said on the message board, what can I say I'm a slow typist! Seriously, I've been really busy, I know I run a website but I do actually have a life you know. Beer doesn't just drink itself...

As you may, or may not know, we've had a good relationship with Mr Lydon here at F&F for quite some time. Although we have worked together in the past, for years we've talked about doing an interview just for the site. Well, in June this year John volunteered to come good with his promise...

Given the nature of the site I tried to ask him questions he normally doesn't get asked. After weeks of talking to the press I think he was as pleased as I was. It turned out to be quite an extensive chat, so rather than edit it all down, I decided to split the interview into two;
Part one
mainly centres on the Sex Pistols and will feature on the newly revamped The Filth and the Fury site.
The second part
, which will follow very soon, concentrates on PiL together his new solo activities, and will feature here on Fodderstompf.

I shouldn't even need to say this, but in light of recent events elsewhere, these interviews are uncensored in anyway. This is John Lydon we are talking about...


A bootleg 12" white label featuring two new mixes of 'Open Up' has recently surfaced. As with most white labels its origins are a bit of a mystery. About the only info we have is that it was released and mixed by FAT Records, which means absolutely nothing to me! There's no sleeve or label but the vinyl marking reads 'FAT 14'.
I wish I could say I liked it, but ohhh, it's a Hard House mix! If you're unfamiliar with Hard House, just think 33rpm played at 45rpm! I actually had to change the belt on my turnatable just to make sure! Side A is pretty much just 'Open Up' played at the wrong speed, with some additional House style 'Booms'. Side B is quite different, and actually a little bit better. It's not quite 1000BPM the whole way through and there's some slower tempo changes, but far less vocals... If you like Hard House this is for you, though you'd be as well as to just play the original at the wrong speed...
This 12", together with the '1998 Love Song' remix is available in limited numbers from Hard to Find Records.

During our recent chat with Mr Lydon he told us about a mash-up bootleg he heard of 'Public Image' and Macy Gray. John says Macy sounds like an old drunk warbling in the background! As of yet we've been unable to find it. If anyone has any ideas let us know...

You're probably familiar with the recent Madonna v's The Pistols mixes, but fans of mash-up bootleg's should check out IDC's 'Ego Problems', featuring the forthcoming Grafiti hit 'What the Problem is' mixed into the Audio Bully's 'Ego-War', together with John's vocal from 'Problems'. The track can be downloaded from the IDC site.

'Careering' features on the new Rough Trade 'Post Punk Vol 01' compilation double CD, along with suitably smug sleevenotes which manage to get nearly every piece of information about the track wrong! (ROUGH TRADE, CDSTUMM224)

The Independent, the movie featuring a brief appearance by John Lydon is getting a US DVD release on September 30th by Arrow Home Entertainment. The movie is already available on DVD in the UK.
Thanks to Dino Everett

The comedy, directed by Stephen Kessler, is loosely based on the life of independent/B-Movie producer Morty Fineman. John only appears in one scene, playing BaRuce Diamond (a 'camp' town official). Jerry Stiller, Janeane Garofalo & Ginger Lynn Allen also appear. See the official Fineman Films web site for more info, stills etc.



Jim Henderson who used to run the old Pistols fanzine 'Never Trust A Hippie' was recently interviewed at TrakMarx.Com, as well as Jim's interview you will also find loads of other great features including an interview with Don Letts.

Virgin Megazine have an article about the forthcoming Pistols tour.
USA Today.Com on-line chat with John Lydon

Geordie Walker of Killing Joke was recently interviewed by BBC Manchester, as well as the new Joke album he talks about Wobble and his time in The Damage Manual.
Thanks to Tim Bucknall




According to Plexus Publishing have just re-issued John's autobiography 'Rotten, No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs' in the UK on paperback.

Ken Lockie has recently set up his own label Pnuma Records and re-issued The Cowboys International album ‘The Original Sin' on CD, along with bonus tracks. He is also working on new material...
Thanks to Karsten


More info about the previously mentioned Turkish Ballet performance featuring music from Keith Levene. It turns out Ashley Page did a ballet piece back in 1993 where he used tracks from 'Violent Opposition'. However, Levene was not directly involved with the score. Ashley simply used the record, that was all. The recent Turkish performance was by another company which Ashley was not involved with...
Fuck! We cover everything on this site, even Ballet!
Thanks to Karsten Roekens



19th July 2003

Apologies for the delay bringing you the John Lydon interviews. I haven't had a chance to type them up yet, but they should appear within a fortnight. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.
In the meantime you can find some press interviews with John at;
Rolling Stone
Virgin Megazine


Remix CDInvisible Records are set to re-release the Damage Manual album and EP together with a limited edition poster, on July 29th.

Martin's Spoken Word Tour continues, see the Invisible site for more info.

The Pigface remix CD 'Head…' will be released in August.



It seems Keith Levene guested on bass with Plakka at The Stoke Tup, London on June 14th, this again via N16 Magazine

Avant ElectroRok from BK13, Aalienne.E.P, Spanner, plus new recruits Keith Levene (ex-Clash/P.I.L) on bass and Drummer Darren (RoughTrade/Crass recording).

Also, some of Keith's music was used by Ashley Hart in a Turkish Ballet performance in Izmir back in April. We hope to have more info soon, but if you speak Turkish click Here!
Thanks to Karsten Roekens


Jah Wobble's 'Fureur' soundtrack is now officially available via 30 Hertz

Richard Dudanski is currently organising an event to commemorate the death of Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. The event will take place on 19th August in Viznar, near Granada, Spain.
Thanks to Karsten Roekens

5th July 2003


Coming VERY soon, not one, but two, exclusive John Lydon interviews!

The first interview centres on the Pistols and the upcoming tour, which will feature on the F&F site. The second is an extensive Fodderstompf interview with John about PiL and his new solo material, which sees him team up again with 'Flowers of Romance' producer Nick Launay! This interview is unlike anything John has done for a very long time, and certainly not be missed… Watch this space!


A transcript of John's recent LA Times interview can be found here. As well as the Pistols tour and the proposed film of his book, John gives brief details about work on his new solo album. Much more info in the forthcoming Fodderstompf interview!
Thanks to Dino Everett / Jack

John has lots of other US press interviews lined up for the next few weeks including ABC & CNN, so keep your eyes peeled...



A transcript of the previously mentioned Keith Levene "I Thought You Were Dead" interview in Uncut Magazine, can be found here.
Thanks to Karsten Roekens



24th June 2003


Keith Levene is interviewed in June's issue of Uncut Magazine, ironically as part of their "I Thought You Were Dead" section. The brief interview mainly centres on Joe Strummer and the Clash, though Keith reveals his hope of eventually directing films, and talks about MurderGlobal...

In more Keith news! Apparently Keith is being lined up as producer to London band Plakka, this via N16 Magazine
Thanks to Karsten Roekens

PLAKKA Sometimes band, sometimes installation...
Plakka return from playing parties and exhibitions in and around Hackney to play the fringe with their new lineup. The music retains its space-age B-Movie electronics, but refuels with a sonic death-rock dub space invasion. Comprising synths, drum machines, electric guitars, live drums and vocals, the music combines influences from Berlin, Sheffield and Chicago. Powered by Keith Levene as producer, Plakka will be releasing their debut EP later this year. Hear the EP live, plus firm festival favourites such as Berlin Lady Shave with its prophetic party anthem lyrics '...I remember Berlin, I remember Burnley'.


Martin Atkins is interviewed at Ink 19 magazine.
Thanks to Tim Bucknall


19th June 2003


Sex Pistols North American Tour Dates Fall 2003

20th August - Boston, Fleetboston Pavilion
21st August - Long Island, New York, Tommy Hilfiger Jones Beach Theatre
23rd August - Atlantic City, Trump Marina Casino
24th August - Washington, 9:30 Club
25th August - Toronto, Molson Amphitheatre, Canada
27th August - Cleveland, Scene Pavilion (formerly Nautica)
28th August - Detroit, Cobo Arena
29th August - Chicago, Aragon Ballroom
31st August - Denver, Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre
3rd September - San Francisco, Warfield Theatre
5th September - Las Vegas, The Joint
6th September - Los Angeles, Greek Theatre
7th September - San Diego, Street Scene Festival

There is a possibility further US dates will be announced...

As stated previously the Japanese Tour is still being negotiated. However, to answer all the rumours, it has been confirmed the Sex Pistols will not play any UK or European dates, you might remember they played Crystal Palace last year, you had your chance then...


John Lydon will interviewed in next Sunday's LA Times (29th June). More press will follow in the coming weeks, including a Sex Pistols live appearance on the US Talkshow The Jimmy Kimmel Show, 14th August (ABC).
More info as we get it...


19th June 2003



Sex Pistols to play Baghdad?

"If the people of Iraq are being offered democracy, then they should understand it to its fullest extent, and that is the SEX PISTOLS..." - John Lydon 19th June 2003

Already set to tour North America this Autumn, John Lydon today pledged himself ready to play Baghdad with the Sex Pistols in support of the Iraq people. No, its not the work of Comical Ally, they are SERIOUS, if the Pistols put their mind to something then we should all know by now they fucking mean it... Never mind torturing the Iraqis with Metallica (Metallica have been torturing us for long enough anyway), it's about time the Iraqis learned just how the Western world REALLY thinks...




Message Regarding the Sex Pistols Proposed Japanese tour.

To the people...
Disregard misinformation supplied by other parties, the Sex Pistols Japanese tour has not yet been cancelled. Dates are still to be confirmed, but we can assure you we are working on it. All will be revealed soon...

THIS information is irrefutable, it comes directly from the horses mouth himself Mr. Rotten. We are family, not fantasy, you can not doubt it because one is Mr Rotten and one is Rambo...
- John Lydon 19th June 2003



10th June 2003

John's NXNE keynote address in Canada last Friday went down a storm. Rather than a 'speech' the keynote address was more of a good natured informal talk and Q&A session, which lasted just under an hour, followed by an extensive book signing session... Thanks to Stephen Dohnberg, who attended the conference with his band White Star Line, we should receive a full transcript of the appearance in the near future! In the meantime a press report including many of John's quotes can be found at the Canoe web site. John also did an interview previous to the talk with the Toronto Sun.
Thanks to Stephen Dohnberg

At NXNE John confirmed the Sex Pistols will play some North American dates this year. However, few dates have been finalised. See God Save the Sex Pistols for further updates...

John also dismissed talk of a PiL reunion, saying that if PiL were to be resurrected it would be with a whole new line up. He also stated that he is still making new music but at present has no plans to release it, citing problems getting a decent record deal. John being John, he covered a whole range of subjects, not just relating to the music business, and I'm sure we can all look forward to reading Stephen's transcript...


Unfortunately the US Jah Wobble & Deep Space Tour scheduled for June has been cancelled. The band were due to play at the ATP Festival in LA, however, the festival has now been postponed until September, which has affected the funding of the tour, therefore it was necessary to delay the tour for at least the time being. Keep checking 30 Hertz for news on any rearranged dates... More info as we get it.
Wobble will be playing with Bill Laswell, as Radioaxiom, at the Roskilde Festival, Denmark on June 28/29th. On the first night the band will include Wobble, Laswell, Gwana musicians from Morocco, Mark Sanders and Philip Jeck, and on the second night it will be Laswell, Wobble, Sussan Deyhim on vocals, Philip Jeck, Mark Sanders and Clive Bell.
Thanks to 30 Hertz & Patrick MacArdle at the Jah Wobble Discussion List, sign up now!

As previously mentioned the new Jah Wobble & Deep Space album 'Five Beats' will be released via 30 Hertz on June 18th. 30 Hertz also hope to receive stock of 'Fureur' directly from France in the next week or so...



Billed by Invisible as the "International Asshole Tour"! Martin Atkins will be setting out on a spoken word / DJ tour during the summer in the States... Martin hopes to be doing the spoken word appearances in stores and coffeeshops - "wherever" - in the afternoons and evenings, then do the DJ'ing later in the same day at clubs or bars etc...
Martin was interviewed in the April issue of the Florida Rag Magazine.

Chris Connelly has been quoted as saying the Damage Manual (obviously minus Jah Wobble) began working on new material late last year. It has been rumoured that Keith Levene may be involved with the project, however, this has not been confirmed by anyone involved...



Lu Edmonds has been keeping busy... He appeared on Lol Coxhill's latest live album 'Out To Launch', released 19th February, Lu is credited with "amplified bass banjo"! A previously unreleased Billy Bragg & The Blokes track with Lu titled 'Mansion on the Hill' was featured on the free CD given with the April issue of Uncut Magazine...

Lu also contributes vocals to the track 'Gulag Blues' on the new album by The Pine Valley Cosmonauts, a project by fellow Mekon Jon Langford. 'The Executioner's Last Songs Volume 2 & 3' will be released 17th June.
Thanks to Karsten Roekens



Ted Chau is currently on tour with The Candyheads, for details

Jebin Bruni will play 10 dates in the US with Aimee Mann between 24th July and 10th August.


24th May 2003


John Lydon is set to speak at this year's 'North By Northeast Music and Film Festival & Industry Conference' in Canada. John will deliver the keynote address at the Toronto Holiday Inn, Friday, June 6 from 11:00 to 12:30. Admittance is restricted to conference delegates. See the press release below or the NXNE Web Site for further info.
He did cancel a similar event in Manchester a couple of years ago, so those planning to attend should stay in contact with NXNE and check Fodderstompf regularly...

The North By Northeast Music and Film Festival & Industry Conference, in conjunction with the Music Managers' Forum Canada and the Ontario Media Development Corporation, is proud to announce that John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols) has been confirmed as this year's music industry keynote speaker.

John Lydon is perhaps best known as the lead singer of Britain's Sex Pistols. From 1975 to 1978, their seminal brand of punk and snarl changed the face of music. Lydon formed a new band, Public Image Ltd (PiL), and between 1978 and 1993, they released 10 albums. He then moved on to a successful solo career that has included numerous film appearances and his critically acclaimed autobiography, "Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs" (H.B. Fenn Press). John also had a one-year run as the host of a daily 3-minute syndicated radio rant called "Rotten Day" commenting on rock history in his unique and inimical style.

In 1996 Lydon reunited with the four original members of the Sex Pistols for a tour, and he plans to perform again with the Pistols in a highly anticipated tour this summer. John is currently a DJ on BBC Radio2 in England.

Lydon's industry keynote address will take place Friday, June 6 from 11:00 to 12:30 at the NXNE host hotel, The Holiday Inn on King, in Toronto. Afterward, Lydon will be available to sign copies of his book "Rotten", which will be available for sale at the conference. Admittance to the keynote address is restricted to conference delegates - check here for more information on how to get your delegate badge, and for more information about the conference and the festival.

Thanks to Stephen & MXNE



FuryJah Wobble's original score to the French film 'Fureur' (Fury) has just been released by EASTWEST in France. The soundtrack features 7 new tracks, plus 3 tracks from the 'Molam Dub' album.


The album is available via Amazon France.
For more information on Fureur see the official film site, and 30 Hertz.


Five BeatsA new Jah Wobble & Deep Space album 'Five Beats' will be released via 30 Hertz on June 18th (HZCD20). The album features the usual 'Avant Garde Boogie Band' regulars; Jean-Pierre Rasle, Clive Bell, Mark Sanders, Chris Cookson, along with the likes of Philip Jeck & Harry Beckett.


Jah Wobble & Deep Space live US dates to be confirmed soon...



Invisible Records are currently working on a remix CD of the recent Pigface album 'Easy Listening... For Difficult Fuckheads', set for release around August. Among the contributors so far are; Pitchshifter, Einsturzendeneubauten, Godhead, Thrill Kill Kult, Hate Dept, Bile, Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails and Tweaker), Chris Haskett & Colony 5.



Bret Helm has recently completed two commercials for US TV, you can download them on his official website.



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