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16th December 2001


Jah Wobble releases his collaboration with Temple of Sound on 30 Hertz this week. 'Shout at the Devil' will initially be available exclusively via the newly opened 30 Hertz online shop for £10.
The album features Natasha Atlas on two tracks, Nina Miranda of Smoke City on two tracks, and Shahin Badar of Prodigy fame on one track.

The title track, 'Shout at the Devil' is featured on the free CD given with the January issue of The Wire, on sale on 26th December 2001. You can also download the track via the 30 Hertz web site.

The previously mentioned Solaris Brighton gig will be aired on BBC Radio 3 'Mixing it' December 23rd.



29th November 2001

Fodderstompf Martin Atkins interview on-line now!


As mentioned 8th November, The Independent featuring a cameo by John Lydon opens tomorrow (Friday 30th November) in New York and LA. Screening details and background info are available via The Independent Movie Database & Yahoo Movies. There are still no details of a European release.

Send us a review!


Jah Wobble is interviewed in the latest edition of Canadian magazine Chart Attack.
He is also interviewed in the new edition of Blue Divide Magazine (Volume 2, Issue 2). See their web site for full order info.

The following 'abstract' about PiL features on the official web site for the recent 'No Future' Punk conference at Wolverhampton University. PiL in respect shocker... ?
Thanks to Paul Dougherty

Sean Albiez
Senseless acts of beauty & despair: post-punk to post-rock
How can we make sense of the aftermath of the Punk phenomenon in musicological terms? A range of radical music making practices that embraced hybridity and techniques/strategies developed by those working on the peripheries of rock entered popular music making of the post-punk period. Most specifically Public Image Ltd clearly acted with a sense of personal and creative revulsion against the 'punk industry', while exploiting the space opened up to them by this industry which allowed the probing of the boundaries of industry and music.
Through considering the first three 'post-punk' studio PiL albums and drawing comparisons with the recent work of Radiohead in what is usually termed 'post-rock', consideration will be given to the idea that the most important musical legacy of punk was in the articulation of the aesthetic and political priorities of the period by PiL in opposition to the mainstreaming of punk.
Underpinning this will be a concern with the 'death' of rock and punk and if such a sense of bereavement helps us understand the historical flow of cultural change. In this sense it is important to consider PiL as representing continuity rather than change in the embrace of musics that were possibly seen as antithetical to punk or others that were paid lip service to. For example, The Ruts and The Clash embraced dub and reggae through 'parodies' of its techniques whereas PiL attempted an integration of such techniques creating hybrid soundscapes.

Sean Albiez b. 1965 is Senior Lecturer and Subject Leader of the Popular Culture course at the University of Plymouth. In the 1980s he was a member of WMTID, an industrial techno collective and worked as a sound engineer. Since 1991 he has been lecturing full-time in media and cultural studies in higher education. He has a range of research interests in the field of Popular Music studies, including proto and post-punk,, Gary Numan's 'Cars', DJ Culture, the 'Death of Rock' and in particular new approaches to history, texts, textuality and individual cultural agency. He is also currently involved in music projects as producer, remixer and guitarist.


24th November 2001


The Jah Wobble / Temple of Sound Middle Eastern dub album will be released next month on 30 Hertz. Although the working title was 'Once Upon a Time in the East' the final release will be called 'Shout at the Devil'. The CD will initially be available exclusively via the newly opened 30 Hertz online shop at a reduced price. The official release will follow soon after. More info as we get it...

Information courtesy of Patrick MacArdle and the Jah Wobble Discussion List, sign up now!



The Pigface US tour is well under way. Reports have been good. Invisible have been posting various pictures from the tour on their web site. Included amongst the set so far have been a mixture of Damage Manual, Murder Inc & Pigface tracks.

Remember, you can become a Field Rep for Invisible by helping to promote the gig in your area by downloading gig flyers via the Invisible site.

Our Fodderstompf Martin Atkins interview is now typed up and should be posted on-line very soon...



Ted Chau's Candyheads have some live gigs coming up soon...

Wed 12th Dec - London, Back Yard Club
Thurs 3rd Jan 2002 - Brighton, The Lift
Thurs 10th Jan 2002 - London, Barfly @The Monarch

See the official Candyheads for full info



A brief clip of PiL's infamous appearance on Check it Out 2.7.79 was shown by ITV (UK) last Monday (12th) as part of their Red Mist documentary on reacting under pressure...
Thanks to Phil Singleton for the info



13th November 2001


Martin Atkins Pigface begin their mammoth US tour tomorrow at the Royal Oak Music Hall, MI, along with Gravity Kills & Godhead. Click here for full dates. Expect some Damage Manual songs, including 'Sunset Gun' & Stateless'.
Unfortunately there are no plans for any European dates at the present time.

Check back soon for our exclusive Martin Atkins interview. In the meantime here's an excerpt about the tour...

F&F: You’re about to go on tour with Pigface, what can we expect, expect the unexpected?

MARTIN: Yeah as usual. The line up is Chris Krztoff the guitarist from Bile, Chris Haskett the guitarist from Rollins Band, Charles Levi from Thrill Kill Kult on bass, Chris Connelly singing, Meg Lee Chin singing, Curse Mackey from Evil Mothers on keyboards. Gravity Kills are on the bill along with Godhead. We’re putting on as many unsigned bands as we can in the opening slot from the ‘Notes From Thee Real Underground’ project. I’ve asked Jim from Foetus to come on stage with us in New York, John from Pitchshifter has been invited too. We’ve got all kinds of bondage performance, sparks flying in the air, people flying all over the place, jumping on stage with us. The usual (laughs).

If Pigface are playing near you, you can become a Field Rep for Invisible by helping to promote the gig by downloading gig flyers via the Invisible site.




8th November 2001


The Independent the movie featuring a brief appearance by John Lydon is set to open in LA & New York on November 30th, before opening in the rest of the States during December. There are no details of a UK/European release so far.

The comedy, directed by Stephen Kessler, is loosely based on the life of independent movie producer Morty Fineman. John Lydon plays a camp movie plugger called BaRuce Diamond. Janeane Garofalo, Jerry Stiller & Ginger Lynn Allen also appear.

Filmed back in 1998 The Independent received it's world premiere at the 2000 Aspen Comedy Festival, before going on to pick up the Grand Jury Prize for Best Film, along with Best Actress for Janeane Garofalo, at this years Slamdunk Film Festival.

More info as we get it...



The new issue of Q Magazine features various pix of John, and entourage, along with an exclusive new interview. Out now...

A colour picture of John Lydon from last weeks Q Awards appears in this weeks NME, along with a predictably sarcastic caption...



Jah Wobble's Solaris gig from Brighton 27th October mentioned previously is set to be aired on BBC Radio 3 'Mixing it' sometime in December or January. More info as we get it...

The December issue of Uncut Magazine (UK) comes with a free CD featuring 'Alsema Dub' from Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell - A Dub Transmission (AXIOM, PALMCD20732). The magazine also contains an article on Post-Punk 1979-81 with various references to PiL, along with a few pictures.
With thanks to Tim Bucknall from the Wobble list





3rd November 2001


Today's Independent features a sizeable article on John Lydon. The article sums up John's career from the Pistols, through PiL, right up to the Q Awards. The article, minus pictures, is on-line at The Independent site and can be read here.

Anybody who missed John Lydon's appearance on 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' will get another chance to catch it tonight on BBC 1. Remember listings are different so check your local papers. The show will also be shown tonight on BBC Choice at 9:30pm.

Also, remember highlights of the Q Awards will be screened on Channel 5 (UK) tonight, Saturday (3rd Nov) at 10:15pm.

Media frenzy!!



2nd November 2001

John Lydon is scheduled to be a guest on tonight's (Friday, 2nd November) edition of 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' BBC 1, 11:05pm. Check local listings for full info.


1st November 2001


John and JohnJohn became something of a media darling after his Q Awards appearance. He appeared in countless newspapers, most notably the cover of The Independent, and a full page in The Mirror. The Star also ran a full page including a picture of John with his Dad. It appears the press have done a U-turn (surely not) and now see John's drunken troublemaking as a badly needed kick up the arse for the UK music scene. Wednesday's Daily Mirror 3 am column even went so far as to call him "our hero"!

John took no prisoners throughout the awards slagging off the likes of Travis, James & Keith Allen as the middle-class bores and working class fakes that they are. The only people he had a good word for were Kate Bush & Liam Gallagher. And YES, he did arrive in a Horse and Cart along with Nora, his dad, Rambo and a few mates!!

Highlights of the Q Awards will be screened on Channel 5 (UK) this Saturday (3rd Nov) at 10:15pm. In the meantime you should be still be access the Q Magazine web cast of the event, via their site.

John will remain in the UK for a short holiday, however, his plans are still under wraps. Though I'd expect at least some more media appearances, in between the socialising. Keep your eyes peeled...


Press Release for Q Awards
31 October 2001 London, England

The 12th annual Q awards rocked the house at the Park Lane Hotel in London on Monday night. A wild time was had by all, with appearances from Kate Bush, Travis and John Lydon showing up on a horse-drawn rag-and-bone cart. Johnny Vegas even told a hecklesome Johnny Rotten that he'd “defeat you with love”!

Awards were given out in the categories of best single, best album, best video, best new band, best live act, best act in the world today, best producer, classic songwriter, special Q award, Q merit award, Q inspiration award, and Q people‚s choice award.

John Lydon took home the Q Inspiration Award. The former Johnny Rotten accepted the gong with his usual grace, commenting “Who wants this, because it doesn't mean anything to me.” He continued, “This is for all the working-class English amongst us. I am one of you” before returning to his champagne and lobster lunch.

To see highlights of the show and the acceptance from the winners tune into Channel 5 at 10:15 on November 3rd. For the full story on the Q awards pick up a copy of Q magazine on sale November 9th or visit

Thanks to Elyse Lazaruk



Fresh from the successful Solaris gigs Jah Wobble & Deep Space play Fareham, Ashcroft Arts Centre this Saturday, 3rd November. The gig was originally scheduled for earlier this year but was postponed due to the Foot and Mouth epidemic.

By the way, if you missed Solaris, fear not! Although you probably missed the gigs of the year, the Brighton show was taped by BBC Radio for later broadcast.


Martin Atkins is interviewed in the latest edition of the on-line Propeller Magazine.

Check back soon for a Fodderstompf Martin Atkins interview!


29th October 2001


Well, it's true! John Lydon has received a Q Magazine Inspiration Award "for influencing the music of today". On receiving his award he tried to give it away to someone in the front row, "Who wants this, because it doesn't mean anything to me." He then thanked Kate Bush for making "fucking great music"! Apparently he spent the rest of the afternoon heckling the other winners. In true Lydon fashion, John arrived at the awards at London's plush, Park Lane Hotel, in a Horse and Cart along with his Dad!

More info throughout the week. In the meantime keep checking the official Q Magazine site for Award Ceremony gossip.



27th October 2001


More rumour control! I didn't want to mention this until I could confirm it, but the bottom line is I can't confirm it so it's probably utter bullshit...

John Lydon is rumoured to making an appearance at tomorrow's, Sunday 28th October, Q Magazine Awards. Just what he will be doing there still remains unclear. Both giving and even receiving awards have been touted! Can't see it myself...



Keith Levene is currently in the studio working on a selection of new tracks for his Missing Channel & Murder Global projects. The tracks are still in production but have been described as "killer" by insiders. Although Keith is solely in charge of the new material, including writing, playing and producing, he has been collaborating with long time friend Dan who has been providing bass and input on some tracks. Tracks currently in production include 'Element B' & 'PiLlesS'.
More information soon!



PiL are featured in two new books about the punk era, 'Punk' (Cassell & Co) & 'Up Yours' (Borderline).

'Punk' is the long awaited punk rock photo book by Chris Sullivan and Stephen Colegrave, published by the same people who produced the best selling Beatles Anthology. As well as various Sex Pistols photographs and information, interestingly enough the book features some great pix of PiL's infamous New York Riot Show in 1981 (Marcia Resnick), and rare pix of John Lydon in Jamaica 1978 (Dennis Morris). Full review and scans coming soon. See the official Punk Book site for more info...

'Up Yours' by Vernon Joynson is basically a discography/biography book on a variety of "punk" bands. The book features a decent section on PiL, but probably won't tell you anything you don't already know.

Both books are available now.



21st October 2001

Jah Wobble is interviewed in the latest edition of Blue Divide Magazine (Volume 2, Issue 2). See their web site for full order info.

Our very own Karsten Roekens got Keith Levene's new Missing Channel project mentioned in the German independent magazine Zillo. Check it out here.


16th October 2001


Martin Atkins' Pigface set off on a massive US tour in November, along with Gravity Kills, Godhead, and a range of guest players including: Chris Connelly, Meg Lee Chin, Charles Levi, Curse Mackey & Jared Louche.

Here's what Martin told us about the tour;
" Things here are really brilliant - just produced the new Gravity Kills cd (they have sold over 500,000 cds and opened for the Pistols over here!) the studio is rocking and we have a massive tour going out on Nov 14th - dec 22nd with Godhead, Gravity Kills and Pigface - we'll be doing a few damage manual songs during the set as Charles Levi and Chris Connelly are part of Pigface - might also squeeze out a Muredrr inc song!!!"

Sounds good!

Check the Invisible site for updates.

Confirmed dates so far

Wed Nov 14 Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Hall
Thu Nov 15 Boston, MA @ The Roxy
Fri Nov 16 Toronto, Ontario, Canada @ Opera House w/ TBA
Sat Nov 17 London, Ontario, Canada @ TBA
Pigface TourSun Nov 18 Montreal, Quebec, Canada @ Foufounes
Mon Nov 19 Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Laga w/ Coup D'etat
Tue Nov 20 New York, NY @ The Limelight
Wed Nov 21 Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
Thu Nov 22 Washington, D.C. @ Nation
Fri Nov 23 Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall w/ VooDou
Sat Nov 24 Atlanta, GA @ Cotton Club w/ TBA
Sun Nov 25 New Orleans, LA @ TBA
Mon Nov 26 Jacksonville, FL @ TBA
Tue Nov 27 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room w/ Hale
Wed Nov 28 Tallahasse, FL @ TBA
Thu Nov 29 Houston, TX @ Fitzgeralds w/ Bozo Porno Circus
Fri Nov 30 Dallas, TX @ Canyon Club w/ TBA
Sat Dec 1 San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit w/ Boxcar Satan
Sun Dec 2 Austin, TX @ Metro
Wed Dec 5 Hollywood, CA @ The Keyclub
Fri Dec 7 Anaheim, CA @ TBA
Sat Dec 8 San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge
Sun Dec 9 Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre w/ SMP
Mon Dec 10 Seattle, WA @ TBA
Tue Dec 11 Seattle, WA @ TBA
Wed Dec 12 Salt Lake City, UT @ TBA
Thu Dec 13 Grand Junction, CO @ TBA
Fri Dec 14 Denver, CO @ TBA
Sat Dec 15 Omaha, NE @ TBA
Sun Dec 16 Minneapolis, MN @ TBA
Tue Dec 18 Kansas City, MO @ TBA
Wed Dec 19 St. Louis, MO @ TBA
Thu Dec 20 Akron, OH @ Highland Theatre w/ The Lack
Fri Dec 21 Cincinnati, OH @ TBA
Sat Dec 22 Chicago, IL @ TBA



13th October 2001


Available now Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell - A Dub Transmission (AXIOM, PALMCD20732). See Bill Laswell's official Axiom web site for full info.

Remeber, Wobble & Laswell will be touring the UK with Solaris. Starting next Sunday, 21st October. See the Solaris web page for full info.

Sunday 21 LONDON Ocean
Monday 22 GLASGOW The Arches
Tuesday 23 MANCHESTER Contact Theatre
Wednesday 24 LEEDS The Wardrobe
Thursday 25 KENDAL Brewery Arts Centre
Saturday 27 BRIGHTON Dome (Corn Exchange)
Sunday 28 COVENTRY Warwick Arts Centre



11th October 2001


Doh! I knew that Year Zero interview was familiar. It turns out it's the same interview (credited to someone else) that was featured in the August issue of Front magazine. However, the Year Zero interview is a slightly longer version...



10th October 2001


John Lydon is interviewed in the latest edition of the current affairs and politics magazine Year Zero. The quarterly UK based magazine can be difficult to find, however, you should be able to get it at any good book specialist such as Borders etc. You can also order the mag via their official web site.

It's actually possible the magazine has been available for a little while as some of it seems dated and familar. However, it's took me this long to spot it!! Excerpts from the interview are on-line at the Year Zero web site. John reveals he was finished work on 'Bad News Mr Swanson' & 'Young Persons Guide to Being a Rock Star' (see previous news), and is still up for film work. Both TV are shows are scheduled to be shown on US TV later this year...



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