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January - March 2007

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Metal Box re-issue LP review

Public Image Ltd.
The Metal Box. 2006

Vinyl re-issue out now:
See review for full info…



March 28th 2007


Jah Wobble - CargoJah Wobble has an album launch for 'Heart and Soul' this Friday, March 30th, at London, Cargo.

See the Trojan website for further info, click image for a larger version of the flyer.
Thanks to Lucy Barber

You'll find an entertaining new interview with Wobble at The Times online. Wobble is innocent, well sort of… !



March 19th 2007


The current issue of Q Magazine votes John Lydon #16 in its '100 Greatest Singers & Their 1000 Greatest Songs' feature. As well as some Pistols tracks the article singles out PiL's 'This Is Not a Love Song', 'Solitaire', 'The Pardon' & 'Rise'; as well as Leftfield Lydon 'Open Up'.

'Solitaire' & 'The Pardon' from 'This Is What You Want…' are welcome, but surprising, choices. You can't help get the feeling that the reviewer quickly scanned through a few CD's; either that, or 'This Is What You Want…' is finally winning people over? Strange that 'Death Disco' or anything from 'Flowers of Romance' didn't make the list though…



JohnLydon.Com has further updates on John's involvement with this years Bodog 'Battle of the Bands'. The site also has info on some recent press appearances. See JohnLydon.Com for more info…



Heart And SoulHeart And Soul’ Jah Wobble's second album for Trojan Records is released today March 19th (TJCCD347).

The 17 track album features:
Desolation / The Sweetest Feeling / I Remember That Time / I Remember That Time Dub / And Some May Say / Plainsong Dub / Through The Mist And Up The Mountain Dub / Eternal Wanderer / Appalachian Mountain Dub / Take Me Home Dub / Dust Bowl Dub / Lord Keep Me Dub / As Dawn Breaks Over London / Whatever Happens / I’d Love To Take You / I’d Love To Take You Version / Heart And Soul

Read the Fodderstompf review here. See News February 23rd for additional info. Also keep an eye on 30 Hertz or "The List"


Pete Jones collaboration with Mikee Plastik entitled 'Dead Man's Disco' is now available via Mikee's MySpace page; and will also soon be available at Pete's site. Pete played guitar, synths, programming and vox; as well as mixing the track. More collaborations are planned under the Media Whore umbrella…
Thanks to Pete Jones


Former PiL drummer David Humphrey has a new interview on Joel Gausten's MySpace page. David talks frankly about his time with PiL, and goes on to discuss his current plans; including his own Blue Drums project and his MySpace page.

Joel's previous interview with Pete Jones is now available on Pete's website. Joel is also currently contributing to and editing Martin Atkins forthcoming Tour:Smart book.


A short interview with Jim Walker features in the new Dave Goodman DVD 'Chaos'. Walker is quoted as saying: "I've seen hell, and it was Public Image Ltd…"
Thanks to Karsten


March 5th 2007


Jah Wobble - Heart And SoulJah Wobble's download-only single 'Sweetest Feeling' is set for release on Monday, March 12th via iTunes.

An exclusive dub of the track is also available for free download with the purchase of the single.

The single is taken from the album ‘Heart And Soul’, released March 19th via Trojan Records.



Martin Atkins is writing a bi-weekly column "on touring and all things related" for SuicideGirls.com. The first installment of Tour:Smart is online now.

Pigface recently re-issued 'A New High In Low'. The limited edition 3 CD set also features a remix album 'Below The Belt' plus the deleted live album 'Eat Shit You Fucking Redneck'. More info can be found on the Underground Inc site.



Boston, Brandeis University's community newspaper The Hoot features an article on memorable gigs at the University, and includes a paragraph on PiL's 1992 appearance at Gosman Centre.

One of the biggest concerts the University has ever seen was part of the MTV 120 Minutes tour partnering with the Boston Phoenix in 1992 at Gosman. Coming to Brandeis were Big Audio Dynamite, a post-punk group led by Mick Jones of The Clash, Public Image Ltd., which was another post-punk group led by ex-Sex Pistol John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten, alternative rockers Live, and finally a little known band at the time by the name of Blind Melon (who later achieved one-hit wonder status with their hit “No Rain”). Lead singer Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon would start the madness during the opening act by dropping his shorts. The show proceeded to get especially hectic after a shoe was thrown at Lydon, who refused to give the shoe back to the fan. During the band’s first song, Lydon removed a few condoms from his crotch and chucked them at the nearby crowd. He even went so far as to moon the audience, and then remove something from his cheeks and again throw it at the crowd.

See the Brandeis Hoot for more info…



February 23rd 2007


Jah Wobble - Heart And SoulJah Wobble releases his second album for Trojan Records on March 19th. ‘Heart And Soul’ will be available on both CD & digital formats; and is preceded by the download-only single 'Sweetest Feeling' on March 5th. An exclusive dub of 'Sweetest Feeling’ will be available for free download via iTunes with the purchase of the single.

The 17 track album is completely self-composed, produced and engineered by Mr Wobble.

From official press release:
Heart And Soul’ is the impressive culmination of a long and deep career crossing many genres and musical boundaries. In compliment to the melodies and structures, the mixing and engineering of this album (all undertaken by Wardle himself) really draws on all Jah Wobble’s musical experiences and influences. His signature sounds can be heard throughout, from the heavy dubs of ‘Desolation’ to the PiL sounds in ‘Eternal Wanderer’ and eastern atmospherics of ‘Through The Mist And Up The Mountain Dub’. Vocals from young newcomer Clea Rose bring a new tone into ‘The Sweetest Feeling’, its soft reverberations adding another dimension to the record, but really this album is a sound and voice that belongs to John Wardle.

Wobble will also be appearing at London, Cargo with the Trojan Sound System on March 30th. Keep an eye on 30 Hertz or "The List" for more info…



February 9th 2007

Pete Jones' recent interview posted on writer and musician Joel Gausten's MySpace is no longer available. However, it may possibly re-appear on Pete's website at some point in the future.


February 4th 2007

John Lydon will have a hand in this years Bodog Music 'Battle of the Bands'. See JohnLydon.Com for more info…
Thanks to JL.Com


February 3rd 2007


Pete Jones: Diamonds and Barricades EP'Murder' the final track of Pete Jones 'Diamonds and Barricades' MP3 EP is now available for download.

Speaking of 'Diamonds and Barricades' Pete recently told Fodderstompf: "For this EP I wanted to get back to a more accessible sound, its a departure from the more experimental side of things and an altogether different discipline. And sometimes, experimentation is often the domain of the talentless!! I also wanted to feature my bass playing for a change well, that's what I'm famous for after all!! All instruments are by me apart from some drums courtesy of Simon Phillips…"

Fodderstompf jokingly referred to 'Murder' as Pete's U2 track; but we can assure you it's far better than that… If you haven't checked out the EP (why not?) all 4 tracks – along with a new bonus mix of 'Killer' by Mikee Plastic – are available via Pete's www.pete-jones-uk.co.uk website or his MySpace. Remember, all tracks are completely FREE and come with worldwide license “to do whatever takes your fancy!”

Pete's such a busy boy these days he's set up a special "collaborations" page on his site; detailing his activities with the likes of Mikee Plastik (aka. Mediawhore), The Perfects, Abby Travis, plus some other bits and bobs he's got an interest in…




Former PiL drummer David Humphrey recently launched his own MySpace page where he's posted some examples of his new solo work. All tracks are completely self-produced; give them a listen and get in touch with David to say hello…




January 23rd 2007


Pete Jones has a new interview posted on writer and musician Joel Gausten's MySpace.

Joel, who previously played with Pigface among others, originally interviewed Pete, regarding Martin Atkins, for a Killing Joke book he was working on. The book was scrapped but Joel decided to expand the interview and post it on his MySpace. He is currently working on a book about The Swans, which should feature contributions from Martin Atkins.

Update: Joel is temporarily making the Killing Joke book, featuring contributions from Martin Atkins, available as a free download via his MySpace. The book will only be available until midnight on Saturday 27th January.



Speaking of MySpace, the unofficial Jah Wobble page has now been deleted. Wobble says he does plan to put a page up, "but not one with friends"  and the only reason for the page will be to stop anyone from using his name again… See "The List" for updates, and further information…



January 18th 2007


Jah Wobble has confirmed he is in talks to contribute to the Liverpool 'City of Culture' event in 2008. Discussions are still at a preliminary stage but Wobble hopes to compose some material and possibly play some live shows. Keep an eye on 30 Hertz or "The List" for more info…

It's also worth seeing "The List" for information on the so-called Jah Wobble page on MySpace. The page is totally unofficial, and nothing to do with Wobble or 30 Hertz. Just like the Fodderstompf page is absolutely nothing to do with us…



Latest news direct from Pete Jones:

"I've been a busy boy of late, with several projects in the pipeline. I will send a full update soon. I am just putting the finishing touches to the last track of the EP. It's been held up as the track I was gonna use is now going to be a duet with Abby Travis (Living Dolls, The Bangles 2006 and others) and the track is currently in LA with her to put her vocals on. I will let you know when its done and dusted and give you full details of the other things I'm involved in…

"There will be news of the guitar work I did on a Dystopians track for Stuart Argabright, Guitar tracks for The Perfects, a remix of an Aint No Dub track "Bush no Freedom", a remix of my track "Killer" by USA Media Whore, Mikee Plastik as well as the Abby Travis collab. I will also be plugging son of Pil bass player Adam Jones' band and a side project of mine, The Guava Boys... Probably the busiest ex-pil member at the moment!"




January 7th 2007

According to BBC Radio Lancashire, 'On The Wire', Jah Wobble – and his wife – have been commissioned to compose material for the Liverpool 'City of Culture' event in 2008. 'On the Wire' describe it as a "chinese dub thing" involving Zi Lan. More info soon…
Thanks to Tim Bucknall
The English Roots Band are currently taking a break from playing club shows, but will be playing some festivals later in the year including The Wickerman in Scotland and the British Acoustic festival. There are also some European festivals being lined up. See "The List" for more information from the man himself, plus news of an inflatable "Jah Wobble blow up bass"…
Thanks to "The List"


Playing in a Dishpan: The Other Side of Live in TokyoAnother new Japanese PiL bootleg CD has surfaced. 'Playing in a Dishpan: The Other Side of Live in Tokyo'. Back to Zero Records (BTZCD-029).

Recorded at Tokyo, Nakano Sun Plaza July 2nd 1983 this was one of the two live gigs used for the official 'Live in Tokyo' album. Until now it had never been released in its entirety (the full previous night's show was used as the video release). Review needed…
Thanks to Glynn


Tom Zvoncheck will be playing The NAMM Jam 007 at Anaheim Convention Center on Friday Jan 19th 2007, 5:00pm until 6:30pm. See the ZKG website for more info…

PiL fans who Follow Follow are probably screaming and shouting "What's it all about…" Don't ask me…
Thanks to Billy King

Picture Credits (top to bottom)
Jah Wobble - Heart And Soul CD
Pete Jones: Diamonds and Barricades EP © Pete Jones
Playing in a Dishpan: The Other Side of Live in Tokyo - Bootleg CD

John Lydon: The Best of British £1 Notes


John Lydon CD & DVD compilations featuring Sex Pistols, PiL, solo,
plus an exclusive new track.

Click sleeves for JohnLydon.Com 'Best of British £1 Notes' mini-site,
featuring tracklistings, release info, a new interview with John, plus much more…


CDDVDJohn Lydon’s Megabugs


John Lydon’s Megabugs
also out now on DVD!

See JohnLydon.Com for full info…




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