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June 2006 - August 2006


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Metal Box re-issue LP review

Public Image Ltd.
The Metal Box. 2006

Vinyl re-issue out now:
See review for full info…



August 30th 2006 (updated)


Bootleg Monitor Mix 12"A bootleg 12" with two of the 'Metal Box' monitor mixes – taken from John Lydon's Best of British £1 Notes DVD – has just surfaced. Apparently the single, featuring 'Albatross: Melodrama Mix' & 'Death Disco', originates from the US, and although it states it's a "DJ promo" we obviously know better than that.

The single has been issued on marble vinyl; for whatever reason. "Pink vinyl singles, and rock and roll swindles ?"
Read full review here…

Thanks to Nick Dyer



Pete Jones has been working with Stuart Argabright from NYC (Death Comet Crew) on a couple of tracks which are set for  release later in the year; under the name "Dystopians". Pete has also been working on some other new tracks which he will be releasing FREE on his own website in October. He hopes to have 4 download tracks available before the end of the year: "The plan is to release 4 tracks in total before the end of the year and make all artwork/sleevenotes available for download. again, free of charge. All tracks royalty free, people can then make their own CD's sell 'em do whatever they want with them, keep the money they make, they cost me fuck all to make so why not give a little, see who can make the most!!"



Jah Wobble's English Roots Band will be appearing at the 'Electric Picnic Festival' in Ireland this Friday, September 1st, at 7.15pm. They will also be appearing at the 'Off The Tracks Festival ' in Donnignton, UK, at 8:30pm on the main stage.
Thanks to 30 Hertz





August 23rd 2006


John Lydon & Keith Levene, San Francisco, November 1982 © Maureen Baker, courtesy Bob Tulipan As promised we've added a whole selection of new information on PiL 1982-83, plus some superb unseen pictures! See our Site Updates page for full details.

Information from this period PiL was always sketchy, but we can now fill in quite a few blanks. Believe us, you won't have read this information anywhere else… BIG Thanks to Bob Tulipan, Bob Miller & Maureen Baker for ALL their help!





August 17th 2006


Bob Miller interview!

John Lydon & Bob Miller,  1982 © Bob MillerBob Miller worked with PiL for around 2 years, circa 1982-84. Co-producing and engineering the 'This is Not a Love Song' single, and what would have been their 4th studio album (later released unfinished by Keith Levene as 'Commercial Zone'). Bob also mixed Front-of-House sound for their live gigs; including the Japanese and European Tours of 1983. He has NEVER spoken of his time with the band. Until now…  "PiL Revisited, 20 Years Later…"

Read the Bob Miller interview HERE…



We will also have MUCH more information from this period, coming very soon… In the meantime enjoy our Bob Miller interview.



Check it Out,  July 1979PiL's interview on Tyne Tees, Check it Out in July 1979 was recently voted the 3rd best-ever rock interview by archive service ITN Source (the poll only includes footage ITN have the rights for).

Now lets be honest about this, as funny as it is to watch, it was just a pathetic set-up by a silly Geordie for his silly regional TV show; all in the sad attempt to provoke another Bill Grundy. John Lydon, quite rightly, tore him to shreds. They got exactly what they deserved. "A cheapskate comedy interrogation act and it just ain’t on…" See Chronology July 2nd 1979 for more info.

Incidentally, we'd love to see the FULL version if anyone out there in internet land has it. Not the Tube re-edit from 1986. The original 1979 broadcast. Still looking for info on PiL's appearance on Tony Wilson's Granada TV show from June 1979 also…



PiL on roof of Gunter Grove © Dennis Morris 1978Photographer Dennis Morris who worked closely with PiL, circa 1978-1980, is selling and displaying various prints of the band via his website. The prints include: PiL at Gunter Grove; 'Public Image' video shoot; outtakes from the 'First Issue' LP sleeve; PiL live at the Rainbow 1978 & work-in-progress ideas for 'Metal Box', plus more.

Many of these pictures were previously unseen. The site also features a selection of his Sex Pistols and Reggae work. See DennisMorris.Com for more info. Though be warned, Dennis Morris pictures do not come cheaply…
Thanks to Greg Whitfield





August 8th 2006


Metal Box re-issue LP reviewNew 'Metal Box' re-issue reviewed.

We've also rounded up various other information from around the site to make a mini 'Metal Box' webpage. You'll find links to reviews and interviews, recording info etc, plus a brief guide to non-album 'Metal Box' era recordings.

"I was very shocked by the reviews of the last album. I believe none of them. They liked us for all the wrong reasons..."
John Lydon: Tomorrow Show, June 27th, 1980



The Irish Times has an article on 'Must Hear TV' which centres on the use of Time Zone - 'World Destruction' in the 4th series of The Sopranos. Apparently the episode, which was first broadcast back in September 2002, was written in the wake of 9/11, and the track was especially selected by the producers. It's obviously a very popular selection because we still receive a lot of mail enquiring about it…



Corrections to our previously posted Jah Wobble live dates. The London, 100 Club is on Friday, September 29th & Brighton, Kommedia, Saturday, September 30th. Also please note: The Svengali Festival appearance on August 12th is now cancelled.





August 2nd 2006


It's worth pointing you in the direction of this piece on the JohnLydon.Com 'Bollocks Section' regarding a new book on the ‘Great Rock n Roll Swindle’ by Joel McIver. It's not the first time this has happened to Fodderstompf, but I tell you what, it will be the last time...

As it says on JL.Com: thievery will not be tolerated...



Martin Atkins has been scraping the vaults to unearth a new Damage Manual 'Dubs' compilation; which includes a 15 minute Dub Mix of 'Stateless'. The limited edition set comes in a hand numbered, signed, digipak with silk screened artwork, plus a free T-shirt. See Underground Inc: for full info.

Track Listing:
1. Sunset Gun (Beat Mix) 3:47
2. Damage Addict (Ambient James Bond Mix) 2:35
3. Grounded (Dub Mix) 3:35
4. Damage Addict (Hammer Magic Dub Mix) 6:24
5. Mad Dialects (Jan 05 Atkins Mix) 5:55
6. Expand (Dub Mix) 5:48
7. Damage Addict (Accelerated Coventry Dub Mix) 4:16
8. Stateless (July 99 Atkins Dub Mix) 15:39



This recent Los Lobos interview from the VC Reporter touches on when the band opened for PiL in May 1980:

There’s a story about them [Los Lobos] getting booed opening for Public Image Limited at the Olympic Auditorium back in the early days?
I was in the audience. It was pretty gruesome. It wasn’t as much like Los Lobos pissed these guys off; they came pissed off. My memory of the situation was the punk scene in Orange County was a lot of brats, basically — rich, spoiled children who wanted to show how street they could be. My sense of it, unlike many other shows I had been to, even hardcore shows where the spirit was really intense but kind of beautiful, that night was like, “We’re going to show [PiL frontman] Johnny Rotten how punk we are.” It had little to do with Los Lobos and everything to do with this army of Orange County assholes who showed up to cause a ruckus. They would have booed and thrown shit at anybody, and they did. The Plugz were on next, and they got not quite as much shit thrown at them, only because they came second and there wasn’t as much shit to throw. That night was not indicative of anything other than that specific band drawing a specific sort of element to that place.



John Mcgeoch's daughter has a website which is selling and displaying various pieces of her late Dad's music memorabilia; including his guitar and various PiL items. The website was set up in July 2004, so it is unclear if the items are still available, however, it is still worth a visit.
Thanks to Karsten





July 6th 2006


Metal Box 2006 vinyl replicaPublic Image Ltd. The Metal Box. Now (again…)

The vinyl replica of 'Metal Box' is now available in the USA (released 27th June). See News: May 6th for more info. A full review (etc) will follow in the near future…

The album is released via RUNT Distribution, and their 4 Men With Beards label (4MBLP500).
Thanks to JL.Com



A new John Lydon interview on the independent film website Green Cine features some interesting quotes about PiL, including:

"We had a great offer in New York to do a live video broadcast kind of thing, not performing live, just spinning records, that ended up in a riot, and I thought, "I really like New York." So I stayed. We found, as Public Image Ltd at that time, we could get gigs in America, so we lived quite frugally, but we could just rent a van and go off to Philadelphia and New Jersey and travel up and down the East Coast and really enjoy it, really enjoy playing the small clubs. Some band members couldn't tolerate the American way of life, I suppose, and being the volatile bunch of creationists that we were, went our different ways. Everybody had their own angle to go towards, so there we were. We can't hold each other back."

Read the whole interview at Green Cine
Thanks to JL.Com





June 29th 2006


Alex Paterson of the Orb picked PiL's show at the Rainbow on Xmas Day as his "Gig of a lifetime" in todays' Daily Telegraph:

Gig of a lifetime: Alex Paterson

Alex Paterson of the Orb talks to Bernadette McNulty about Public Image Ltd, Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, 1978

I'd never seen the Sex Pistols, so I was really excited to see John Lydon's new band. It was their first UK gig, and it was even more exciting that it was on Christmas Day when there was nothing else to do. I was 18 and living in a squat in West Norwood, so me and about eight friends had to walk all the way there because there weren't any buses.

The gig was packed with punks, but the sound was completely different. Jah Wobble's bass-playing was incredible after the five-chord limitations of most punk songs. He added this whole new dimension of funk and reggae. John Lydon was dressed in a checked suit, throwing weird arm shapes like Ian Curtis. Walking back afterwards seemed to take an eternity, but it was worth it after seeing such an amazing gig.





June 15th 2006


Alpha-One ThreeIt seems the printers took a wrong turn somewhere, but after a slight delay Jah Wobble's 'Alpha-One Three' is now available.

You can order the album online at the newly revamped 30 Hertz website, or via your usual source. You can also hear brief clips of the album and sign up to the new 30 Hertz mailing list.

The site also features a brief taster from Wob's upcoming autobiography regarding the new album: "I worked as a mini cab driver, intermittently through the early to mid eighties, my call sign was 'Alpha One Three', hence the title of this album. In fact me 'the artist' is very upset at the ill treatment I have received from my record label 30 Hertz, I have decided that similar to Prince, I am going to withdraw the name 'Jah Wobble', and be known in the future as 'Alpha-One-Three', the mini cab driver formally known as Jah Wobble."
Thanks to 30 Hertz





June 13th 2006


JKL in the studio with NIC, April 2006. © & Thanks to Ted Parsons.While Keith Levene was in Oslo recording with N.I.C he appeared on the Norwegian radio show 'Harald Are Lund' on NRK P3, April 6th. The show played two JKL/MurderGlobal tracks: 'Killer in the Crowd' and the unreleased 'Death from Above'. Anyone tape the show?
Thanks to Karsten

Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation / Teledubgnosis drummer Ted Parsons sent us some pix of himself and Keith in the studio during the recent NIC recording session.
Thanks to Ted

If you haven't done so already, you can check out audio samples of Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation & Teledubgnosis via their websites. Interesting stuff. The JKL collaboration should be very exciting… You can also find both band's on Myspace. Teledubgnosis' 'Ambex' is highly recommended.





June 11th 2006


JKL in the studio with NIC, April 2006. © & Thanks to Ted Parsons.Keith Levene will feature on the forthcoming new album for N.I.C. (Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation); released via Malicious Damage. The album  was recorded in 12 days (March 31 - April 11) at MOK Studio in Norway with producer Scotty Hard; who will mix the tracks later this month in Brooklyn. Keith came in during the last week of recording and contributed guitar and vocals on several tracks; and spent three more days (April 12-14) with the band in the studio.

Keith has jammed with Ted Parsons of Teledubgnosis before (see news July 7th 2004), who is also N.I.C.'s drummer. Ted was kind enough to confirm his work with Keith via this message:

"Yes, Keith recorded on some N.I.C. material and we have plans to record with Ryan Moore of Twilight Circus at the end of the summer for a serious dub project. Also we plan to play some live shows in Japan and elsewhere. Expect allot from Keith and us this year and next. Respect, Ted"

Ted Parsons in the studio with NIC, April 2006. © & Thanks to Ted Parsons.N.I.C. live:
Malicious Damage are lining up some special label nights:
August 12th - London, Kilburn, The Luminaire.
Plus another date (17th or 25th) at The Brixton Windmill. Teledubgnosis will be playing too.
It is unknown if Keith will appear at any of these shows.
Thanks to Karsten



Jim Walker (aka James White) is currently working on the horror film 'Parkhouse Hell House'. A teaser trailer for the film can be found at the 'Parkhouse Hell House' website.





June 5th 2006


The release of Jah Wobble's 'Alpha-One Three' has been delayed by a week due to a printing error with the liner notes. The album should be online via 30 Hertz sometime next week; with it hitting the shops week commencing June 19th (should the polar ice-caps not melt first!).

Also check out the 30 Hertz CD sale, bargains galore…





June 2nd 2006


Alpha-One ThreeCabbie! 'Alpha-One Three' will be in the shops week commencing 12th June, via Wobble's 30 Hertz label (30HZCD27). However, the album should be available online sometime next week. Keep any eye on 30 Hertz for more info... Looking forward to hearing about the "Dark Society" that runs the music business on, the very apt, 'Decline Of The Music Industry'.

When I Look Up At The Sky / On The Right Road / On The Right Road Dub / Reggae Parts The Sea / Mumbai Blues Dub / I Know Your Here / It All Fades Away / Ocean Of Hills / Gardens Of Suburbia / Beyond Upper Poynton / I Want / The Decline Of The Music Industry / Beyond Thought / Alpha One Three / From Silvertown / To Heathrow Cargo, A Parcel / Voice In The Wilderness / The Wheel Of Life / Looking Up At The Sky Again / Parts The Sea Dub

Thanks to Patrick MacArdle and "The List", sign up now!


Wobble's proposed album with Mad Professor, for Trojan Records, has fallen through, however, he stills plans to record a solo album for the label later this year. He will also be entering the studio next week to record his second album with the English Roots Band. He has also confirmed he has begun work on his autobiography, which partly inspired writing the lyrics for 'Alpha-One Three'.


Upcoming Wobble live dates:
9 June - Goteborg, Museum of World Culture, Sweden
5 August - Rhythm Festival, Clapham, Bedford, UK
12 August - Svengali Fest, Windsor
22 September - Hebden Bridge, Trades Club
15 September - Lincoln, Farm
16 September - Sheffield, Boardwalk
29 September - London, 100 Club
30 September - Brighton, Kommedia
23 September - Birkenhead, Pacific Rd
1 September - Electric Picnic Festival, Ireland
2 September - Donington, Off Tracks
6 October - Leeds, New Roscoe
23 October - Exeter, Arts Centre
3 November - Bury, Arts Centre


Check out the Jah Wobble Discussion List (aka "The List") to read a very informative post from the man himself about all of the above, and more…

Also check out the 30 Hertz CD sale, bargains galore!



John Lydon recently attended a charity Spoken Word Event at film-maker Kevin Smith's house (Clerks, Dogma, etc). Mr Lydon read the lyrics to PiL's 'The Body' & 'Tie Me to the Length of That', plus 'Bodies' & 'God Save the Queen' by the Pistols. You can read all about the event on Kevin's website.
Thanks to JL.Com



Can I just state that we have NO connection with the PiL Fodderstompf page on In fact, we have no MySpace page. Fodderstompf: often imitated, never surpassed…




John Lydon: The Best of British £1 Notes


John Lydon CD & DVD compilations featuring Sex Pistols, PiL, solo,
plus an exclusive new track.

Click sleeves for JohnLydon.Com 'Best of British £1 Notes' mini-site,
featuring tracklistings, release info, a new interview with John, plus much more…


CDDVDJohn Lydon’s Megabugs


John Lydon’s Megabugs
also out now on DVD!

See JohnLydon.Com for full info…




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