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June 2008 - March 2009

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March 3rd 2009


Pirate Cat Radio (San Francisco & Los Angeles) aired a 2 hour special to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of 'Metal Box' last Sunday, March 1st.

The show played the album in full – sourced from an original vinyl copy – together with new specially recorded interviews with Jah Wobble, Richard Dudanski and Martin Atkins. Full tracklisting info etc can be found via host Mike Routhier's MySpace page.

A podcast of the show will be available for the next 6 weeks via this link...

Thanks to Mike Routhier



January 22nd 2009

The previously mentioned film 'Waltz with Bashir' - which features 'This Is Not A Love Song - has been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Film category; it has already won a Golden Globe Award. The animated Israeli film directed and written by Ari Folman tells the story of a young soldier during the nightmares of the 1982 Lebanon war. You can watch the trailer via YouTube; which also includes the PiL track.


January 14th 2009


Jah Wobble has produced a radio documentary on the late Sid Vicious which will be aired on BBC Radio 4 next Tuesday, January 20th at 11pm.

The 30 minute show - narrated by Wobble - features interviews with Sid's teenage friends Vince Bracken (aka The Steel Leg), Billy Dolan and Terry Penton. Expect to hear a few stories you've never heard elsewhere as Wobble seeks to shed more light on the pre-Sex Pistols Sid.

'In Search of Sid' also includes interviews with Marco Pirroni and Viv Albertine; as well as archive interviews between Anne Beverley and Jon Savage, and Roberta Bayley and Sid.



Wobble's Chinese Dub album receives its official release this Monday, January 19th (see News November 8th for more info). Fodderstompf review coming soon, in the meantime check out these press articles and reviews. Also see 30 Hertz and "The List" for updates…

The Guardian
Financial Times
Fly Global Music
Record Collector

Update: Wobble was interviewed on BBC Radio London, DJ Ritu Show on Saturday, January 17th regarding Chinese Dub. The same night he also appeared on Radio 4 Loose Ends speaking of the 'In Search of Sid' documentary. Both shows are available for 7 days via the BBC website or iPlayer service.


November 8th 2008


Chinese DubJah Wobble 'Chinese Dub' is now available via the 30 Hertz online shop. The album will be availalble in all major records shops and online records retailors from January 19th 2009. Digital Download are availalbe from December 1st 2008.

Chinese Dub (30hzcd30)
Space / Silence / Walking The Horse / Solitude / L1 Dub / Happy Tibetan Girl / Kang Ding Love Song / Dragon And Phoenix / Dragon And Phoenix Dub / L1 Horse Mountain Song / Yellow Mountain / Yellow Mountain Prototype

30 Hertz Press Release

For me, the highlight was Jah Wobble... just extraordinary. It was musical genius as far as I was concerned
Lopa Kothari, BBC Radio 3’s World on 3 (WOMAD)

Nobody could deny that Jah Wobble's Chinese Dub performance was knockout entertainment. Veteran punk and bass virtuoso Wobble has fruitfully married classical Chinese instrumentation (including his wife, Zi Lan Liao on Chinese zither) to heavy dub rhythms - the music was scintillatingly catchy.
Arwa Haider, Metro (WOMAD)

Jah Wobble gave the performance of the festival. His new project, Chinese Dub, started as a relatively modest commission for Liverpool 08, marking the city’s year as European capital of culture, and grew into a tour and an album. Dub and Chinese music proved a perfect mixture. The earnest folk melodies leavened the dub’s conceptual self-importance; the dub hardened the Chinese music against kitsch
David Honigmann, Financial Times (WOMAD)

This valiant attempted fusion of east and west could fall flat on its face, but it proves a remarkable success. This is partly due to Wobble's wife, Zi Lan Liao, who picks out pizzicato patterns on a zither-like guzheng as accompaniment to Mongolian singer Gu Ying Ji and crystalline female vocalist Wanq Jingqi. In the midst of this exoticism, Wobble is a trilby-sporting East End geezer, underpinning the eclectic extravagance with his dub-bass rumble
Ian Gittins, The Guardian (Bush Hall, London)

Throughout July and August 2008, Jah Wobble, legendary bass player and contemporary renaissance man, toured the UK with his new project, Chinese Dub, a 22-piece Anglo-Chinese aural and visual spectacular. Combining his trademark dub with Chinese melodies and instrumentation, the maverick music-maker successfully married East and West sensibilities, proving once again that his creative adventurousness is far removed from others’ world music dilettantism. The tour culminated in an appearance on the BBC Radio 3 stage at WOMAD in what was, for many media commentators and punters alike, the highlight of the festival.

Chinese Dub, a studio album produced by Jah Wobble, includes singers Mongolian/Tibetan Gu Ying Ji and Wang Jingqi, from the Mao ethnic minority of China, part of Yunnan Province (both handpicked by Jah Wobble on a visit to China in 2007), internationally acclaimed guzheng player Zi Lan Liao, flautist Clive Bell, and Wobble himself; the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra also features.

This album is now available from 30 Hertz Records website only. It will be availalble in all major records shops and online records retailors from 19th January 2009. Digital Download will be availalbe from 1st December 2008.



October 6th 2008


Country Life ButterYou can watch John Lydon's Country Life Butter ads via the Country Life website.

"It's not about Great Britain, it's about Great British Butter!"

For more information on the ads see JohnLydon.Com.



Jah Wobble's 'Chinese Dub' album is set for release via 30 Hertz on January 19th 2009. See 30 Hertz for updates…


Pete Jones has launched his own label J.A.M. UK Records teaming up with Chill Bill as partner. See www.myspace/jamukrecords for more info…


Tim Simenon (Bomb The Bass) recently picked 'Public Image' as his top track for a 'On my iPod' mix for The Metro Newspaper.

Public Image by PIL
The bassline on this really caught me. It's got the usual Johnny Rotten rant but I think he nailed it so well on this. It was the first time I had heard bass player Jah Wobble. I worked with him years later but couldn't bring myself to mention that I think he's a god.



August 30th 2008


Public Image 7"The October issue of Uncut Magazine includes a 'Making Of…' feature on PiL's debut single 'Public Image' and the formation of the band.

John Lydon, Jah Wobble, and engineer Bill Price were interviewed for the article.



August 21st 2008


Newly launched music video streaming website MUZU TV have signed a deal with ITN Source which sees 80,000 hours of archive footage becoming freely available online.

Included amongst the archive is John Lydon's post-Pistols pre-PiL interview with Janet Street Porter on the 'London Weekend Show', and the infamous 1979 PiL 'Check It Out' appearance.

Unfortunately 'Check It Out' misses the first half of the interview, but the remainder is complete; as is the 'London Weekend Show'. You can view the videos FREE using the links above or via the MUZU TV website. (Flash required).

For more information on the 'Check It Out' interview see the recent Fodderstompf article: Why don't you try asking an intelligent question?



Upcoming Jah Wobble live dates:

August 25th: Brighton, Beachdown Festival, UK
August 30th: Rhythm Festival, Clapham, UK
August 31st: The Electric Picnic Festival, Ireland
September 28th: Elefest, London, The Coronet Theatre, UK



August 12th 2008


John Lydons’s recent – taking liberties not taken easily –  interview on BBC1, The One Show has been added to the JohnLydon.Com YouTube channel ‘RottenTube’. Definitely not be to missed...



July 18th 2008


Jah Wobble's Chinese Dub tour ended earlier this week to rave reviews everywhere. Something of an experimental cross-cultural extravaganza the show fused Wobble's music with traditional Eastern melodies and singers; together with theatre and opera including the ancient Chinese art of mask changing. Wobble and wife Zi Lan Liao certainly know how to put on a show!

Below is a round-up of various reviews and interviews etc.

• BBC News: Wobble interview (video)
• Liverpool.Com: Liverpool, Carling Academy
The Guardian: London, Bush Hall
The Independent: London, Bush Hall
Sheffield Telegraph: Sheffield, The Board Walk
The Metro: Wobble interview
Liverpool Confidential.Com: Wobble interview
• Sheffield Telegraph: Wobble interview

A taster of the forthcoming album is still available FREE as a MP3 stream via the 30 Hertz website. 7 tracks are currently available.

Sign up to "The List" for regular updates and to hear Wobble's own thoughts on the tour; which he eloquently describes as "the proverbial dog's bollocks"…



After recent comments by John Lydon in The Sun Keith Levene has apparently stated he would not be interested in any PiL reunion if it was ever to happen – (should he be invited).

Keith is currently playing with Peter Ashby and Barry Lamb as "Ashby Lamb Levene". The trio have a website under construction at, and have also launched a MySpace page on behalf of Keith. He is also said to be working on new solo material.



July 6th 2008


John Lydon was interviewed for The Sun this week regarding the release of the Sex Pistols 'There’ll Always Be An England' DVD – and when directly asked – commented that at some point he'd like to "revisit" PiL. However, it seems highly unlikely this would be any time soon…

“We were like a symphony orchestra with machine guns. It would be great to revisit.”

Read the full interview via The Sun website



Jah Wobble's Chinese Dub made its live debut last night (July 5th) at Liverpool, Carling Academy. They play London, Bush Hall tonight and embark on a short UK tour (see News May 8th for full dates).

Prior to the Liverpool show Wobble appeared on BBC Leeds Radio (June 25th) and was interviewed for Liverpool Confidential.Com and Sheffield Telegraph. The Sheffield Telegraph sheds new light on the Karl Burns myth… !

Wobble is interviewed in today's Independent on Sunday 'How We Met' section together with Jim McCarthy. In the late 70s Jim answered an ad in the music press to audition drums for PiL; the audition was eventually cancelled but the pair later met up in very different circumstances. Read the full interview via the Independent on Sunday

Jim has just published a graphic novel on the Sex Pistols – see Sex Pistols fansite 'God Save the Sex Pistols' for a full review.


Tom Zvoncheck – who played live with PiL in 1983 – has just digitally re-issued his 2001 album 'ZKG', now including two bonus tracks. 'Rain In Florida' features Jon Anderson of Yes. See CD Baby for full info…
Thanks to Tom Zvoncheck


June 22nd 2008


With the Sex Pistols 'Combine Harvester Tour 2008' now in full swing John Lydon has been interviewed in various publications, most notably Mojo Magazine where he appears on the front cover (sporting a very smart PiL badge). Regularly check JohnLydon.Com for updates and TV appearances etc.

The Sex Pistols have also launched their first ever official website. Visit for the latest confirmed 'Combine Harvester 2008 tour dates, a preview of the forthcoming 'There'll Always Be An England' DVD, plus official Sex Pistols merchandise…

Sex Pistols Official Website


Jah Wobble will be releasing his Chinese Dub project on CD in the near future. A taster of the album is still available FREE as a MP3 stream via the 30 Hertz website. 7 tracks are currently available.

Chinese Dub will make its live debut on July 5th at the Liverpool, Carling Academy, and will be followed by a short UK Tour (see News May 8th for dates). Wobble also plays Beachdown Festival, Brighton and Rhythm Festival, Clapham in August. See 30 Hertz for full info…

'Car Ad Music' the 2004 download-only album will finally be getting a limited release via 30 hertz.

It is now looking likely that Wobble's book, which was due to be published in July, will not come out until next year.

Apologies, we overlooked to mention Wobble played Bradford, Mela Festival on June 15th. He also appeared on Manchester Online Radio on May 20th. Sign up to "The List" for regular updates…



Misc PiL Related Info

Allan Dias DJ'd at the New York, Tatler Club on May 16th.

Martin Atkins Invisible Records celebrated its 20th Birthday on June 18th 2008.

A Pete Jones remix of 'Dead Man's Disco' appears on the new full length CD release by Media Whore (aka Mikee Plastik), released via Toxic Shock Records in May. Mikee and Pete are in the process of jointly remixing a track for Matt Schultz of Lab Report.

Jebin Bruni appears on the new Aimee Man CD entitled '@#%& Smilers'.

Danish pop band Alphabeat cover 'Public Image' on their new album 'This is Alphabeat'.

This link to Kill Your Pet Puppy website offers new information on the rumoured (alledged) John Lydon / Killing Joke / Honey Bane recording sessions…

Animated film 'Waltz with Bashir' – which recently appeared at the Cannes Film Festival - features 'This Is Not A Love Song'. Watch the trailer at YouTube.

Thanks to Tim Bucknall / Karsten Roekens


Picture Credits (top to bottom)

Metal Box re-issue LP review

Public Image Ltd.
The Metal Box. 2006

Vinyl re-issue out now:
See review for full info…



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