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December 2007 - May 2008

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May 8th 2008


Jah Wobble's Chinese Dub project begin a short UK tour after their debut show at Liverpool, Carling Academy on July 5th. The English Roots Band also play The Accoustic Festival, Catton Hall Park, Derbyshire / Staffordshire Border on May 24th.

Jah Wobble's Chinese Dub
July 5th - Liverpool, Carling Academy
July 6th - London, Bush Hall
July 7th - Sheffield, The Board Walk
July 8th - Newcastle, The Cluny
July 9th - Norwich, Arts Centre
July 10th - Hebden Bridge, The Trades Club
July 11th - Derby, The Flowerpot
July 12th - Bury, The Met
July 14th - Birmingham, The Glee Club

See 30 Hertz for full info…



Nearly 20 years to the day PiL played Estonia – which was part of the USSR at the time – John Lydon returns to Tallinn with the Sex Pistols. The "Combine Harvester Tour" also sees the Pistols play Russia for the very first time with dates in St Petersburg & Moscow.

See JohnLydon.Com for a full list of confirmed "Combine Harvester 2008" tour dates…



The previously mentioned new Mark Stewart album does NOT feature Keith Levene. Levene had reportedly recorded guitar parts for the album back in 2005. He does get a mention in the "Thanks" section.
Thanks To Karsten Roekens



February 28th 2008


Jah Wobble plays a special show at Liverpool, Leaf Warehouse, Friday, March 7th. Wobble will be joined by Can drummer Jackie Liebezeit and turntabalist Philip Jeck.

The trio have previously played before, most notably on the 2004 'Live at Leuven' album. Also on the bill are Shackleton & The Bug feat. Warrior Queen.



Joe Guida, live with PiL, Bochum, Germany October 31st, 1983 © courtesy RockpalastJoe Guida interview!

Joe Guida played guitar in the much maligned, so-called, "cabaret band" line-up that toured Japan and Europe in 1983. Joe recently contacted Fodderstompf offering to give us some additional information about himself and his involvement with PiL.

Joe was keen to tell his side of the story, and to help set the record straight about a few things. So we took the opportunity to interview someone who has never really spoken about his time in the band, and about who little is known…

Read the Fodderstompf Joe Guida interview here…


See Fodderstompf Site Updates for more recent additions…

February 8th 2008 (updated)


Jah Wobble's 'Chinese Dub EP' is now available FREE as a MP3 stream via the 30 Hertz website. 7 tracks are currently available, with a full CD album release to follow in late 2008. The CD release will feature tracks still to be recorded.

Jah Wobble - Chinese Dub EP (30 Hertz stream)

As previously mentioned, the tracks were specially recorded for Liverpool 2008 European Capital of Culture; and include the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra. Also appearing are: Zi Lan Liao – some of the usual 30 Hertz suspects such as Mark Sanders & Clive Bell – plus the debut recordings of Charlie & John T Wardle!
Thanks to 30 Hertz



The Creepy DollsThe Creepy Dolls – featuring Pete Jones & French guitarist Fred Suard – release their debut EP 'Grand Finale' on Valentines Day, February 14th, 2008.

At the moment the limited edition 4 track EP CD is only available mail-order via the band's website, however, a digital release will follow in the near future…

Pete also has two remixes on the new Phase Theory album 'Phased Out'.

Read Fodderstompf review by Tim Bucknall…
Thanks to Pete Jones



February 2nd 2008

John Lydon's father, John Lydon Snr, passed away on Friday, January 25th. Fodderstompf.Com would like to pass on our condolences to John and all the Lydon family.


'Spellbound' a radio documentary on the late great John McGeoch was broadcast tonight, Saturday, February 2nd, 8-9pm on BBC Radio 2. The programme is available for a week via the BBC website.

Spellbound: The Story of John McGeoch

Disappointingly, but somewhat predictably, the show doesn't cover his time in PiL in any great detail. No one from PiL was interviewed, and it mainly concentrates on Magazine and The Banshees. It's around 45 minutes before PiL are mentioned; albeit briefly. And to be honest it won't really tell you much about McGeoch post-PiL you can't already read in his Fodderstompf bio (cough). However, the show is still worth a listen, it's about time John McGeoch started getting the recognition he deserves…

The show features some interesting interviews with the likes of Howard Devoto, Malcolm Garrett, Siouxsie, and Dave Formula; who reveals he is working on a Visage remix project which will include a previously unreleased voice recording of McGeoch from the original recording sessions: 'It's a Cowboy Song'.

Sorry for not letting anyone know in advance. I didn't know anything about this documentary until Fodderstompf contributor Tim Bucknall emailed tonight. Good advertising BBC…

Thanks to Tim Bucknall


Jah Wobble contributes a remix to Gallows recent cover version of The Ruts 'Staring At The Rude Boys' (also featuring Lethal Bizzle).


The previously mentioned (unreleased) Mark Stewart album – for which Keith Levene recorded guest parts – is finally set for release in April 2008 via the German label Crippled. Levene recorded guitar for the album back in 2005.
Thanks To Karsten Roekens


Radio BBC7 sci-fi drama 'The Last Days of Shandacor' is using the instrumental version of 'Flowers of Romance' as its theme. The show is broadcast Sunday 6:30-7pm.
Thanks To Tim Bucknall

Martin Atkins' Invisible Records have completely overhauled their website. They also recently launched an online radio station, which includes rare and unreleased Invisible/Atkins material.


December 30th 2007


30 Hertz have posted some preview clips of Wobble's forthcoming 'Chinese Dub' project for the Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008. The show will make its debut at Liverpool, Carling Academy, July 5th, with the promise of more shows to follow. A release will also come via 30 Hertz in February.

30 Hertz: The performance will be a fusion of dub music and Chinese melodies and instrumentation. The instrumentation will be: bass, drums, Guzheng, bamboo flute, the gourd pipe of Yunnan province. Jah Wobble would also like to utilise the voice of Wang Jingqi, a singer from the Mao ethnic minority of China. During the performance, we hope there will be various Chinese arts form (dance and Sichuan opera’s specialty).
Thanks to 30 Hertz



NICThe long-awaited Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation album featuring a guest appearance from Keith Levene was released via Malicious Damage Records on December 10th. See Malicious Damage or the NIC MySpace page for full info…

A limited edition (500) 7 track 12" vinyl version of the album is also available.

Read Fodderstompf review by Tim Bucknall…


Picture Credits (top to bottom)
Nic album - © courtesy Nic 2007

Metal Box re-issue LP review

Public Image Ltd.
The Metal Box. 2006

Vinyl re-issue out now:
See review for full info…



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