sao paulo, palace, brazil,
september 2nd, 1992

1992 That What Is Not South American Tour
John Lydon
John McGeoch: Guitar
Ted Chau: Keyboards & Guitars
Mike Joyce: Drums
Russell Webb: Bass

Set List:
cruel (intro) / kashmir / criminal / this is not a love song / love hope / think tank / rules and regulations / seattle / don't ask me / acid drops / cruel / the body / disappointed / rise / public image / EMI


Unknown if an audio bootleg was recorded


Gig Review

review by Denis Marques, September 2002
© 2002 / Denis Marques

It's true, the place was called "Palace" in Sao Paulo. Not "The" Palace, just Palace. It doesn't exist anymore more, pity it was a nice place. The gig was magnificent. The guitar of John McGeoch was Perfect.. The audience was pretty supersonic. Mr John Lydon was happy, 'cos the audience were there just to see him. 'Rise', 'Public Image', EMI, we sang all the Songs. I was 16, my god, I was there for God's sake, what a Lucky boy!!!!

I saw the guitarist Ted Chau kissing a Brasilian girl from the audience and at that moment I thought to myself: 'God I wanna be a musician too!!!!!

Denis Marques


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