PiL - New York, Ritz, USA,
April ?th, 1992

Running Order:
1. This is Not a Love Song
2. Criminal
3. Love Hope
4. Think Tank
5. Rules and Regulations
6. Disappointed
7. Acid Drops
8. Cruel
9. The Body
10. Covered
11. Rise

Running Time:
52 minutes (approx)

Picture Quality:
(8) Camcorder Audience Recording
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review by STEVE MiLLER

The exact date of this show is unknown. This recording is incomplete and cuts after 'Rise'.

When I got this gig it was labeled as 13th September 1992, however, Alan Dias is playing bass so it is obviously from the April shows at the Ritz (rather than the September show which Russell Webb would have played). PiL played three nights at the Ritz in April (21,22,24).

Anyway... it's pretty good. Unfortunately it cuts off at 'Rise', but it's the "standard" 1992 setlist with 'This is Not a Love Song', 'Criminal', 'Don't Ask Me', 'Acid Drops', etc. The quality isn't bad, although it is shot from the balcony so you can see people coming and going, which gets a bit annoying. The sound is pretty good as well.

McGeoch has extremely long hair, while Dias is wearing knee pads and glasses. 'Disappointed' is a great, powerful version, with a great sing-a-long on chorus. During 'Acid Drops' Lydon tells some moron to stop spitting during second half of song.

I do have to say that I read somewhere that someone stated to Ted Chau that they thought Lydon was going through the motions on the 1992 tour. I have to agree with that a little bit. I've seen footage of shows from 1986, 1987 and 1989, and the energy was so high on those tours (yes, I tend to like the 1986 -1989 years the best) while Lydon seemed a bit "bored" in 1992. (I think he got the energy back for the solo record in 1997 though).

As for a rating, I would give it an 8, but only for the incomplete setlist, and the walking up and down the steps by some fans. Other than that, it looks like it could have been shot last week...


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