August 19th, 1989

Running Order:
1. Warrior
2. Happy
3. This is Not a Love Song
4. Home
5. Brave New World
6. Seattle
7. Open and Revolving
8. Fishing
9. Round
10. The Body
11. Same Old Story
12. Rise
13. Disappointed
14. Public Image
15. World Destruction

Running Time:
84 minutes (approx)

Picture Quality:
(8.5) Camcorder Audience Recording
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review by SCOTT M

Steady camera work filmed from the middle of the rear balcony.

A well filmed video bootleg showing the whole stage, with some great close up's of the band. This was PiL's only UK appearance in 1989. It finds them kitted out in their beloved Reg Mombassa surf gear, and in a particularly good mood. John's happy to shake hands with the crowd, and McGeoch and Dias are running around like loonies (though they always do that!).

The set is mostly taken from '9' but also includes good versions of 'World Destruction, 'Love Song', 'Open & Revolving' & 'Rise'. Say what you will about the late eighties PiL, but I loved them, they were always good entertainment.


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