22nd April, 1980

Running Order:
1. Public Image
2. Another
3. Low Life
4. Bad Bay
+5. Careering
(additional footage, mixed with newsreel)

Running Time:
19 minutes (approx)

Picture Quality:
(8) Professionally Filmed
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review by SCOTT M

For full info on the Gildersleeves video footage and an interview with Paul Dougherty click HERE. Also read the Fodderstompf gig review.

This was a special low key gig at a small club in New York. Arranged a couple of days after their Palladium gig. 5 songs from the gig were filmed by local filmmaker / producer Paul Dougherty, but have never been officially released.

This video recording features the classic 1980 Lydon, Levene, Wobble & Atkins line up playing live in New York. The best PiL bootleg EVER!! Filmed by two cameras, one at the back / middle, and one on the left-hand side of the stage. This recording is not really a bootleg, BUT neither is it an official release...

NY filmmaker & producer Paul Dougherty had full permission to film the band, however, it was never intended for an official release. It is unknown how ANY recordings of this tape circulated, Dougherty has closely guarded the footage all this time, and is very disappointed about the leak. In fact, he is very keen to find the source of the leek, so if you can help, get in touch...

Obviously, it's well filmed, there are some great close ups of the band (even though John spends most of the time crouched down at the front of the stage). The colour is a bit faded here and there, but despite the age of the recording it's decent quality. Unfortunately it's only four songs, although 'Careering' from the gig has also surfaced separately, but the footage is absolutely superb! Look out for when John gets a young, hip looking, black kid up on stage to dance with him during 'Bad Baby', superb stuff (Lydon later claimed the kid was a transsexual!!).

This has to be one of my favourite PiL videos, it's an absolute must have for PiL fans. It's also the only concert footage of the 1980 line-up I know exists...


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