Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart -
Montreal, Canada, May 7th 1983 (venue unknown)

Running Order:
Unknown in full (See review)

Disc 1 (1st set)
1. Snake Charmer
2. (unknown)
3. Invaders of the Heart
4. (unknown)
5. (unknown)
6. (unknown)
7. (unknown)
8. (unknown)
9. (unknown)
10. Long Samba percussion intro
11. (unknown)
Disc 2 (1st set cont'd & 2nd set)
1. Sleazy
2. Band introductions
3. (unknown)
4. Invaders of the Heart (reprise)
5. (unknown) (encore)
6. Careering(encore)
7. (unknown) (encore)
2nd set:
8. Snake Charmer
9. (unknown)
10. Invaders of the heart
11. (unknown)

Running Time:
81:50 minutes (approx) (2 discs)

Sound Quality:
(9) 1st Generation Audience Recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by TIM BUCKNALL

The 1st set is split over 2 discs. The 1st set has a cut between 'Invaders of the Heart (reprise)' and the encore. All tracks are instrumentals.

This tape is an audience recording but sounds so good I have to give it a 9! Every instrument is very clear, you'd almost believe it to be from the desk, but the taper has confirmed it's an audience tape. It surfaced on an internet trading site in 2007.

The first track is an instrumental take on 'Snake Charmer' with some great trumpet parts; and naturally some great funk guitar from Animal. I much prefer this looser live version to the album version; which was somewhat hampered by 80s production.

I don't recognise the next track but it's very PiL, with a great dub/funk bassline and shimmering guitar. Animal provides some great Keith Levene style guitar during 'Invaders of the Heart'.

The whole show is a glorious melting pot of African, Latin & Dub rhythms. All underpinned by "that" bass. The band is amazingly tight at all times, and all the new 'Snake Charmer-era' songs are better by far than their studio recorded counterparts.

The arrangements and instrumentation on the 2nd set are very different from the first. As you'd expect Wobble was never one to repeat himself. The band go down well and Wobble seems surprised by the positive reaction. All the songs are instrumentals.

Any fan of early PiL will love this tape. Not only is it probably the best sounding recording of the whole tour, but the band encore with an awesome mellow dubbed out version of 'Careering'.


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