talk radio (UK), nicky horne's access all areas,
april 12th, 1998 - john lydon interview

Running Time:
58 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(8.5) Radio Recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by SCOTT M

Medium Wave Radio Recording

Hour long interview and listener phone-in, via phone from LA.

John is in good form, however, sadly, the majority of listeners questions are moronic at best: "Who was your favourite punk band?", "Who were your idols?" Terrible. Most of Nicky Horne's questions are just as bad, "You live in LA don't you?" etc etc. Same old, same old…

Despite being mostly Pistols, Pistols, Pistols, John seems happy enough to answer. He does state, when asked, that he would like to put PiL back together at some point in the future. Aside from that, PiL don't get mentioned too much…

Because it's a medium-wave broadcast, the sound quality isn't razor sharp, but it's still pretty clear.


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