PiL - 1983 Tour Rehearsal / Soundcheck
(Hollywood Palladium, June 10th, 1983 ?)

Running Order:
1. Warm Up/Jam
2. Poptones
3. Flowers of Romance
4. Jam/Ad-lib
5. Public Image / Low Life (incomplete run through's)
6. Solitaire (Jam) (2x incomplete run through's)
7. Public Image (incomplete run through)

Running Time:
42:00 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(8) Quality soundboard recording, (apparently) 2nd or 3rd generation, but highly compressed (96k)
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by Scott M

This recording is part of the set of three 10" reel-to-reel tapes fully explained here. The tracklisting available with the download is incorrect; so the correct version appears above. Please note that Track 6 on the downloaded version is not taken from this set. It is a previously unreleased studio demo, which has been inexplicably inserted. The track is now reviewed as part of 'Commercial Zone' demos and outtakes.

As explained above, this recording is taken from set of three 10" reel-to-reel tapes. This part is labeled as an 'unknown 1982/83 tour rehearsal or live soundcheck'. The one thing that is certain is that it was recorded in 1983; with the cabaret band line up. However, exactly what it is, or where it was recorded is unclear.

Given the soundboard quality, and lack of audience, I presumed it to be a tour rehearsal. However, John does make reference to "the gig" a few times. So it is more likely to be an extended soundcheck. And possibly recorded at the cabaret band's live debut at the Hollywood Palladium in 1983.

Rather than being a full run through of the set it seems to be more about sorting out glitches and getting the PA levels right. However, at over 40 minutes it is a lot longer than your average soundcheck. It seems to be half way between a rehearsal and a soundcheck.

John's main concern is his monitors, and he's happy to just let the band get on with it. He seems in good spirits, and ad-lib's a mixture of the proper lyrics together with a few piss-takes, such as 'Roadhouse Blues' or 'Can't Take My Eyes Off Of Me'. It's all fairly light hearted. Some tracks take several run through's, but all very normal for a soundcheck.

It's hardly the greatest PiL recording you will ever hear (it is the cabaret band after all), but it is a unique one, and quite funny in places. Definitely one for the diehards only.

Overall the sound quality is very good. Like the other parts of the reel-to-reel set it's a little over compressed and flat, with the obligatory tape hiss, however, still pretty clear.


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