PiL - Seattle, Paramount Theater, USA
October 17th, 1984

Running Order:
1. The Order Of Death (intro)
2. Bad Life 
3. Solitaire 
4. Low Life
5. Where Are You
6. 1981
7. Religion
8. Tie Me To The Length Of That
9. Annalisa
10. Public Image
11. Bodies
12. Poptones
13. Chant 
14. This Is Not A Love Song
15. Anarchy In The UK

Running Time:
68 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(8) Quality Audience Recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by TIM BUCKNALL

On 'Where Are You' Bret Helm plays violin, Mark Schultz moves to bass.

Great show, Johnny is very talkative, sound is very clear; if slightly distant. Virtually every song here is a unique arrangement with different synth parts that would be gone by the time the band reached LA a month later.

'Love Song' has a unique intro. There are guest vocals from various crowd members and an appealing ramshackle looseness that reminds me of the 1980 shows. And a hard edge like the best shows from 82. 'Poptones' morphs into 'Chant' midway through. 'Tie Me...' sounds very dark. 'Bodies' shows off the clarity of the recording as both guitars are clearly distinguishable. 

It sounds like some arrangements are still being thrashed out which makes this a unique show.


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