PiL - Paris, Le Stadium, France
December 22nd, 1978

Running Order:
1. Theme
2. Low Life
3. Annalisa
4. Religion
5. Public Image
6. Belsen Was A Gas
7. Attack
8. Problems
9. Public Image (encore)
10. Annalisa (encore)

Running Time:
57 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(7.5) low gen average Audience Recording
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review by DINO EVERETT

This review is taken from the original bootleg cassette. The bootleg LP version of the gig 'Recorded in Paris When No One Was Looking' has slightly poorer sound quality, and does not feature the 2nd encores of 'Public Image' & 'Annalisa'. 'Religion' has also been transposed from between the first versions of 'Annalisa' & 'Public Image', to after 'Problems'.

Much like the Belgium show this tape is a must have for its historical value if nothing else. The band play a similar set with two major differences. One being the omission of the PiL song 'The Cowboy Song' and the addition of the Pistols song 'Problems'. Now I can understand why they played 'Belsen' to a degree since there was question to its authorship, but 'Problems' is clearly a Pistols song and it even sounds like Wobble wasn't that familiar with it on the tape. This would be the last time they would play it of course.

The tape as a whole is a pretty good sounding audience recording with some minor static all throughout, but nothing too obtrusive. This being the second gig the band played, and one of the three that feature the true original band make it noteworthy.


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