john lydon - the palace, hollywood, CA, USA
August 13th, 1997

Running Order:
1. Sun
2. Armies
3. Another Way
4. Take Me
5. Psychos Path
6. Tie Me To....
7. Rise
8. Dog
9. Public Image
10. Careering
11. Under the house
12. Stump
13. Grave Ride
14. A No and a Yes
15. Dis Ho

Running Time:
68 minutes (approx)

Sound Quality:
(8.5) DAT Recording
Tape Gradings Explained here

review by SCOTT M

A previous version of this recording misses 'Public Image' (64 mins) . This upgrade, recorded from a completely different source, includes the whole show, including what sounds like a Lydon 'Outro Tape' at the end of the show. However, there is a small cut where the taper has flipped the cassette, which the previous recording didn't have.

This is one of the few recordings of the 'Psycho's Path' tour that exists. Thankfully it's great quality, most likely done on a DAT machine because it's extremely clear and there is virtually no hiss. It's also an excellent gig (see F&F4 for a full review), he plays the whole of 'PP' along with some new versions of old PiL numbers like 'Careering', 'Public Image' and 'Rise' (which is absolutely superb). I wasn't sure how the tracks on 'PP' would transfer live, but they're brilliant! A lot of it sounds very different live than it does on the album, and some tracks are even an improvement on the original versions. As Dino said in his gig review, the crowd although loving the PiL stuff, really seemed to appreciate the new stuff.

Because the tape is so clear you can hear many of the audience comments, there are a few heckles but everyone sounds friendly enough. (The previous version includes a (very) irritating woman screaming at John all the time, which thankfully, isn't so clear on this version)

I listen to this tape all the time and I'd definitely recommend it, you'll be well impressed at how tight the band are and how good everything sounds. As John says, "It ain't fucking rock n roll!", and as he says of the Pistols, "We're at least as good!" - I totally agree. I really wish Virgin had got off their arse and hadn't let the tour fold, because it would have been great to see this tour live in the flesh and I seriously doubt we'll hear this stuff live in the near future.


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