I Wanna fanzine Vol. 1, Dayton, Ohio, July, 1980

Transcribed by Karsten Roekens

© 1980 Jimi Alias

, April 28th 1980

by Jimi Alias a.k.a. The Cool One pics by Steve Watkins

I Wanna fanzine Vol. 1, Dayton, Ohio, July, 1980[...] Public Image Ltd. later appeared in Detroit during their limited tour of the States. Fans packed the front of the stage – sweating, unable to breathe. They expected the Sex Pistols' songs. They spat and threw cans. He peered at the audience as if they were a bunch of saphead idiots. He used a music stand, being to busy to memorise words. At one point Lydon hid on the stage until the media-reflected imagery of '76 London punk ceased. The songs were stronger, more intense, harder, rawer than their records. They played very intense, yet it was candidly done. In some respects the band looked as if they could be eating pizza. Jah Wobble stood behind his bass cabinet – showing only his eyes – protected from flying cans. At the beginning of the show Lydon demanded that the lights be turned down. When they were reduced only a bit John said: "Somebody is gonna lose their job." The lights went off. PIL went through 'Careering', 'Graveyard', 'Public Image' and dedicated 'Low Life' to the crowd. In about 35 minutes they were done." [...]


Picture Credits: (Top to Bottom)
© Steve Watkins
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